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Radical prostectomy, RT 12 mths later,now 18mths later psa rising

Posted 11 November 2017 10:15:48(UTC)
My husband had a radical prostectomy in 2015,psa continued to rise so 12 months later he had 33 sessions of salvage radiotherapy,that was in April 2016,since then his psa has continued to rise it has never been undetectable, his last consultation was 08/11/17 and the consultant mentioned chemo and hormone therapy he suggested that microscopic cancer is present because there should be no psa present,his psa since radiotherapy has been 0.08,0.09,0.095,0.11,0.13,is there a guideline to when further treatment starts?
Posted 11 November 2017 13:15:04(UTC)

Hi , click my picture and read my profile. I had surgery yet my psa was so high they knew I had micro nets. I also had lymph nodes cancerous and positive margins on bladder. I refused RT as they were sure it wouldn’t cure. I didn’t want more damage to my pelvis. Did 12 months on HT then came off for QOL. My psa is now probably 10 and I’m still no treatment and enjoying life as much as one can with a death sentence hanging over them ....
I’ve had the best PET scans available but still found nothing so Onco is waiting till the doubling time accelerates or I become ill. Then chemo and Abi offered
Best wishes

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Posted 11 November 2017 13:17:04(UTC)

Sorry to see your questions and I’m not sure of what to answer, but the rise of PSA would say that, yes, something isn’t right, but you’d need two PSA tests close together to find a ‘doubling’ time, his readings are still quite low, I didn’t have any further treatment until I got to 2, I think, but then I soon had chemo and HT started, see my profile. I’ve just finished my latest HT year now wait for the next rise.


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Posted 11 November 2017 14:29:57(UTC)
If you click on my profile you will find that your OH has followed virtually the same pathway as me.Following the RP and salvage RT I never got to undetectable and the PSA continued rising so I started on Prostap 3 in April this year and by July I was undetectable and the onco has moved me from 3 monthly to 6 monthly obs so next one in January.
Hope this helps a bit.

All the best

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Posted 12 November 2017 00:51:32(UTC)

We are in a similar situation but will probably delay going back on treatment for as long as possible - J hated the hormones so much last time that he stopped early. Dad's PSA was around 0.6 at the last test and he won't even discuss starting treatment. I think knowing that the next step is long term HT rather than any further salvage treatment makes it hard to decide when to start - too early knowing that it won't last forever or too late and find it runs out of control. You have to put your faith in the oncologist I guess.

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