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Very high PSA of 113

Posted 12 November 2017 11:51:00(UTC)

My husband has just had a PSA result of 113, which we were both shocked by.  He will be seeing a urologist next week and things have moved very quickly.  His main symptoms have been fatigue and, only recently, having to urinate more frequently.  Does a very high PSA like this indicate a more aggressive cancer?

Posted 12 November 2017 14:38:02(UTC)

Hi Genevieve
My Husband's PSA was over 1000 at diagnosis in March this year and now down to 1.1. You will need to wait and see what urologist says. Probably a biopsy and scans to get the staging. The worst thing for us was the waiting for results. My husband had mets in bones and lymph nodes. He is on hormone therapy and has had Chemo. He is still working and did so for most of his treatment. Do ask more questions when you know a bit more. Best wishes for next week.

Posted 12 November 2017 14:44:57(UTC)

A PSA of 113 is highly indicative of cancer but cannot be relied upon to judge how aggressive or advanced it is. We have had men with similar PSA scores but no cancer found (just a very enlarged but benign prostate gland) and men with PSA of 3 or 4 with bone mets. There are at least 27 different kinds of prostate cancer; some give off lots of PSA while others don't produce any PSA at all. The highest score we have had on here was 13,000 although our onco had a patient diagnosed at 160,000!

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Posted 12 November 2017 17:04:02(UTC)

Thank you both so much. At the moment, I'm veering between optimism and despair, which I'm sure you will understand. Now that I know where to come, I will probably be asking more questions in the future. Thanks again.

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