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constipation problems

Posted 14 November 2017 17:01:44(UTC)

hi,i have been suffering with constipation lately,its a bit dodgy for me because i have got an hiatius hernia and have been on ppi medication for donkeys years i know ppi,s are not good for long term use but what else can i do, also the laxatives they prescribe arent good long term and they stop nutrients from been absorbed,any help please.

Posted 14 November 2017 17:09:17(UTC)

What laxatives did they give you Radar.
Have you tried (via the GP) Cosmacol or fibregel?

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Posted 14 November 2017 17:50:51(UTC)

Are you still drinking plenty of water ? Dehydration is a common factor in constipation.

Thanks Chris
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Posted 15 November 2017 07:46:21(UTC)

Hi there Radar,

I can empathise with your situation, I am currently on cycle 4 of 6 of Chemo and one side effect of the Chemo (and steroids) has been really bad constipation. I was prescribed Laxido which has been quite effective and is considered OK for long term use. It is used as a high dose laxative to get things moving and then as a lower dose to maintain. Worth a try if you can get it prescribed. Together with the advice about drinking plenty, exercise and trying to up the fibre in the diet I am now able to control it more effectively. (It has taken up until the last cycle to figure it out though!).

Hope you can get it sorted!



Posted 15 November 2017 09:30:20(UTC)

thanks bigferg,yes i have got some laxido but after reading things like it can stop nutrients been absorbed like vit d same as ppi,s im on for hiatius hernia,tomatoes are good for pc but they are no good for hiatius hernia,i tried eating cooked tomatoes but i suffered so had to stop,its a no win situation,i wonder if i bought a lypocene supplement in place of eating tomatoes would be better.

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