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recovery from radical prostatectomy

Posted 14 November 2017 20:06:11(UTC)

Hi Folks - I was recently diagnosed with localised prostate cancer (Gleason score 8). I've discussed with urologist, surgeon, oncologist and others and surgery seems to be the best option for me. So now I'm looking forward to the joys of a radical prostatectomy (probably RALP) at some point in the next few weeks. I'll be starting my preparatory pelvic floor exercises tomorrow ; )

Could anyone who's already been through this share their experiences on their recovery from the operation? I'm sure it varies a lot from person to person but I'm trying to get a rough idea what to expect. How long were you in hospital? How much help did you need in the first few days at home? How long till you could drive, exercise, get back to work etc? Any unforeseen problems?

Many thanks, S


Age 52.
TRUS biopsy Oct 2017: Gleason score 8 (4+4) in 2 of 16 cores. 
PSA has fallen steadily from 4.90 to 3.14 over the year Aug 2016 - Sep 2017 (average of seven tests ~4.0). 
Two MRIs (Nov 2016, Sep 2017), both unclear re prostate, but no obvious cancer in lymph nodes. 
Bone scan (Oct 2017) looks clear. 

Posted 14 November 2017 21:35:20(UTC)

I would recommend you read the posts by Steve-Rutland. They will give you a good idea of what to expect and how you may feel ( although everybody is different of course ) if you go for the Prostatectomy. They are so positive and humerous.


You will find his posts a bit further down the list of the localised cancer section.
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Posted 14 November 2017 23:36:41(UTC)
I've done a regular report of my whole path from GP to surgery to now. It's on a separate website with a link to it from my profile. It's not humorous so no worries about splitting your sides.

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Posted 15 November 2017 21:43:13(UTC)

Hi, I had RALP back in April and recovered very well. You can see the updates etc via my post ...... http://community.prostat...vering-from-RP-operation

Hope all goes well for you

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Posted 17 November 2017 22:43:36(UTC)

Had keyhole in 2015. Please feel free to check out my profile where I have noted my progress.

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Posted 18 November 2017 09:35:17(UTC)
I also had a laparoscopic prostatectomy July 2015. I recovered well and quickly from operation. Was dry during the night right away. During the day if I walked quickly I leaked more but eventually that sorted itself out. Tiredness and stress can still cause some leakage. Sorry if I replied already and am repeating myself. I blame the HT!
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