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Use of PARP with hormone therapy

Posted 22 November 2017 08:36:55(UTC)
Anybody seen any ongoing trials that relate to these findings:
Posted 22 November 2017 22:43:15(UTC)

I don't think they have got to that stage yet, have they? The Surrey research was lab-based, there will be ethics committees & NICE approvals before they can try it out on real people I think.

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Posted 04 December 2017 05:01:19(UTC)

I do believe there is a trial that fits this description. It is called PROfound. Locations are specified in the UK but for whatever reason are not recruiting yet.


I think the original article Jonathan has posted may refer to a trial result which did give amazing results for those who received olaparib (a PARP inhibitor) treatment AND were proved to have Genetic mutations, particularly BRCA2 or ATM.


Sorry that is an awfully dry report, but the key takeaway for me is that of the 16 patients with gene mutations 88% had a positive response to olaparib.
Olaparib is frequently used in Ovarian Cancer currently, so I presume that ethics committees etc would be less of an issue?

Jonathan, I see that your Dad had PC. Do you have any close female relatives who have had cancers? Particularly Breast or Ovarian? or other close male relatives with PC? If so, this could indicate familial (germline) BRCA gene mutations. Whilst this may seem bad news, it could also open up a path to a whole new subset of treatment options.

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Posted 04 December 2017 08:50:22(UTC)
I believe that it related to the BRACA gene because, my sister-in - law tried to get the trial, she was carrying this specific gene , but was unsuccessful. My husband was tested for the gene after extensive counselling but wasn’t carrying this gene much to the researchers surprise hVing got PCa relatively young.
I’ve frequently checked the trials that are ongoing but you’d be fortunate to get on one it’s a bit of a lottery, good luck
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