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Back to basics.

Posted 28 November 2017 20:29:26(UTC)

19 mths post -op .


2 questions - 1 Do drips and dribbles ever go away ?

                    2 Do erections ever come back without medication?


Posted 28 November 2017 22:26:56(UTC)

Hi I’m 50 and 30 months post op. I was lucky to be leak free almost immediately. I regained decent sexual function at 24 months but only by using daily 5mg Cialis medication. Not tried without it

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Posted 29 November 2017 08:21:04(UTC)

Have you been thorough with the pelvic floor exercises? Drips and dribbles tend to be about muscle tone (stress incontinence) rather than surgical damage.

For my husband, the biggest improvement in sexual function came between months 24 and 36. He has no ED now although the length / girth is much reduced. Some indicators reduce or increase your chance of recovery. At 19 months post-op are you able to get erections with meds, injections or a pump? Do you get erections fairly frequently?

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Posted 05 December 2017 22:15:34(UTC)

Seem to be as fit as I've ever been - still playing footy at 69 , gym at least 3 times a week , all of which I would have hoped would help strengthen the muscles . Actual Pelvic floor exercises - a couple of times a day . Do I need to step up the exercises , or ease off the other exercise ?

In terms of erections , the pump works to an extent [ no pun intended ] , but things soon wain . Sildenafil seems to help but without some form of help I dont think I'm firm enough for anything worthwhile , although I can reach a climax when flacid , which is better than nothing .


Still , I'm here to tell the tale and my post op P S A has remained in the ' undetectable ' range ' , so other things are of little concern by comparison .

Thanks for the responses.

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