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I'm a Lucky Lad - A Message of Hope

Posted 01 December 2017 01:00:06(UTC)

I used the words above at my golf club's Presentation Evening.  Over 3 and a half years ago, with an aggressive cancer my prostate was removed. Now PSA is still undetectable and I'm living a full life. 2 pairs' trophies, one singles, one club, plus helping the club reach another final makes this a year I could never have dreamed of.  Also won a £200 watch, could have won another but passed it on, and sums equal to my winnings will be donated to PCUK and Alzeimers. (My Lady partner's husband died last year with this awful disease.)

I know many on here aren't so lucky and live their lives on the edge.  However, I hope my good fortune will encourage others that there can still be much to look forward to in what are dark times.  Having to wear pads 24/7 and using caverject are small prices to pay to still be here.

For new posters, PCa does not have to all doom and gloom. Life is different, but there can still be much more to achieve.  

Yes, no doubt, I'm a very, very, lucky lad.

Stay Calm And Carry On.
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Posted 01 December 2017 07:19:20(UTC)

Nice to hear from you six-foot and great great news for you. Best wishes

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
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Posted 01 December 2017 08:40:12(UTC)

Lovely to hear from you six-foot.

Congratulations on everything !!

Thank you for the update. As you say, it will encourage others who are feeling a bit down.

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
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Posted 01 December 2017 12:37:39(UTC)

Nice post 6f2 

Good to hear from you.. 

I'm pretty much in the same situation as you are.. ( apart from the golf! lol ) 

Like you,  I had da Vinci surgery 3 and a half years ago... 

To date my PSA remains at <.0.01 with no further treatment required..... so I have to be more than happy with that! 

I had a set back in my personal life when I lost my wife to cancer a year ago on Dec 23rd... 

This year has been tough in that respect, but not due to my PCa ..

I'm now getting my life back on track and although I still have to wear a pad and have ED problems which has been resolved with the help of caverject and more recently Invicorp purchased privately on line  ( much better results for me! ) my future is looking pretty good!

I have an appointment at Southmead Hospital Bristol in the New Year to look at the possibility of a surgical procedure to sort my leaking problem out ...so we shall see..
I'll weigh up the pros and cons before I commit to a procedure if I'm offered one..but it would be the icing on the cake for me if I could become 'dry'
I too hope this post will help show others in a similar situation whereby the cancer was caught in time that it's not all doom and gloom and life changing side effects as result of radical treatment can be overcome with a positive outlook..
So yes!.... I'm a lucky bloke too! 
Best wishes to everyone

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Posted 01 December 2017 12:52:16(UTC)

That is a great post to read - fantastic.

I also wanted to say thank you for your transparency in addressing all three issues re cancer control achieved but also your comment on pads and Caverjet - nothing is so scary when you understand it!

Fantastic post.

Posted 01 December 2017 21:39:18(UTC)

I smiled as soon as I saw your name pop up - great to hear from you although I will never understand your love of golf.

Keep on keeping well my friend x

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

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Posted 01 December 2017 23:53:27(UTC)

Thanks, Lyn. Cricket was my first love! I love playing competitive sport, so golf was an obvious choice once my girls were older.. I've just become an OAP so to still be achieving reasonable success is a real bonus at my time of life.

I must make an effort to try and support more on this site, but family and dealing with estates also takes up vast amounts of time. We're hoping to have everything settled soon, but it's now 21 months since my mother-in-law passed away. It's been ridiculous how long it has all taken.

Stay Calm And Carry On.
Posted 03 December 2017 22:09:24(UTC)
Fantastic post,
Even in our case I’d say that it’s not all doom and gloom, seven years with a Gleason 10 is not to be sniffed at. Two weddings and the birth of a much loved granddaughter, yes so much to be grateful for here too. Never a day goes by when I don’t say thanks for all the good luck we’ve had despite everything. We’ve had so much to be happy about, I remember praying to a God I don’t believe in and asking Him for to spare my man for four years, that was back in 2010, well He has given us 7 years so far, just to prove to me that someone is listening.

I don’t know what to think about all that, but I’m happy to have my beloved man with me still.

Love Devonmaid xxx
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