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PSA rapid rise on Zoladex

Posted 05 December 2017 17:12:03(UTC)
Hi, thank you for reading.

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 PC in December 2016. Been on Zoladex since Jan 2017. PSA dropped from 198 to 11 then to 14 in July and last Friday we found out it has gone to 298. Dads psa has been retested and they’re checking his testosterone level. I’m thinkzing the worst that the Zoladex has only worked for six months and he’s not castrate resistant.

We are waiting to find out what happens next. Dad is 70 and is still relatively active. He says a lot of the bad pain he experienced prior to diagnosis hasn’t returned. He has mets on spine, leg, pelvis and rib.

What is likely to happen next? They’re discussing him at MDT meeting. We haven’t seen oncologist up to now, just a urologist.

Has anyone else experienced such a rapid rise in psa.

Very worried and heartbroken right now x
Posted 06 December 2017 09:06:45(UTC)
Everyone is different, so no-one can predict with any certainty, But it is extremely likely that your father's care will be passed to the oncologists.

They will need to decide if / how long the Zoladex should continue, and what alternatives are available.

It is likely that they will consider chemotherapy at some point.

Good Luck!

-- Andrew --

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