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Recently told pc probable

Posted 06 December 2017 10:18:52(UTC)
Rich12: I went to my gp on the 17th of Novemmber. While I was there I asked for a prostrate check as I was urinating frequently during the night and there was not much pressure or volume at times. I had the blood test and he called me in a week later. He said my psa score was 18 and there was a 95% change of pc. I am 50 years old and my father died of this when he was 54. I had a digital examination and the doctor said the prostrate feels hard. I had an mri scan yesterday and I have a follow up on Tuesday. I’m very scared as my father had a torturous 3 years. Can anyone offer any advice or help?
Posted 06 December 2017 11:39:03(UTC)

Hi Rich12.

One can understand why you're concerned. If it is PCa then like other cancers it's the stage at which its caught. Hopefully, again if it is PCa, they have caught it a radical cure stage.

Good luck


Posted 06 December 2017 12:45:51(UTC)

Hi Rich
You can read my profile by clicking on my avatar. I was 53 when dx five years ago with a PSA of 22. I had to have radical treatment but here I am having no further treatment. As Ray says they have hopefully caught it at the cureable stage


Posted 06 December 2017 14:38:40(UTC)
Thanks Bri & Ray. Fingers crossed!
Posted 30 December 2017 10:08:53(UTC)
Please read my profile. My dad too died of this terrible cancer in 1994. I too was diagnosed 3 years ago. The difference was dad didn't discover he had it until it had spread, mine was found early and dealt with. I'm sure this is an anxious time but there are good outcomes Take care.
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