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Treatment for cancer on testosterone therapy

Posted 06 Dec 2017 at 17:01
Hi everyone, just joined so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. I've just been diagnosed last week and although I'm symptomless my PSA is 16.2 and has been doubling about every three months. I've had a TRUS biopsy, an MRI scan and a perineal template bippsy, gleason 3+3 and staged T2a. I've seen the oncologist who suggested surgery may be best treatment but I'm not keen. A comics thing factor is that I have to take testosterone supplements (and have x one for 18 years) because I'm hypogonadal but I really don't cope well without it so no testosterone is not an option.

Has anyone got any nuggets of wisdom or advice on treatment/side effects etc?

Posted 06 Dec 2017 at 17:26

HT is a possibilty at some future date regardless of treatment choice. However if you want to retain T then at this point surgery looks like the best option as any form of RT might require HT alongside it. Possible side effects of surgery are incontinence and ED.


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