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recently diagnosed (?)

Posted 10 December 2017 18:43:33(UTC)

I have already posted this today on a different thread but I am absolutely useless!!!! I am interested to get feedback from "experts":

I'm very new to this. I had a PSA score of 18 just over 2 weeks ago. I asked for a test as I noticed I have been going to the loo several times a night for weeks, months, (years?). My GP told me I had a 95% (???) chance of having prostrate cancer. I am a 50 year old single man. My 20 year old son lives with me, god only knows what i would have done if he didn't. I have a twin brother and 2 elder brothers who have been fantastic. I can't tell my mother as my father died of prostrate cancer at the age of 54. He was diagnosed during my first term at university and he died at the start of my final year. So I only know one person who has had prostrate cancer. I have read up on the symptoms and had an MRI scan last Tuesday with a review with consultant urologist this Tuesday. I've had 2 DRE's and with those indications I'm hoping (?) to be diagnosed pc type T2b but wiil need biopsy first. If I can be treated I would like not to tell my mother. Suffering pretty bad anxiety and drinking a bit too much but it has helped me sleep very well! I still get to work for ten past seven each morning. I have never felt any pain but I do "feel" something. Worst Christmas present I've ever had!


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