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TRUS distrust.

Posted 16 December 2017 13:35:35(UTC)
Dear all of this supportive place
Initially I was down for a TransPerineal Biopsy, since changed to TRUS.

I have a TRUS appointment Tuesday, but have some concerns.
My private MRI indicated equivocal results in the " right mid and apical Peripheral Zone, and the left mid and basal PZ"
I am concerned that the TRUS may not be specific enough for these particular areas.
I emailed the Consultant with this question, but have had no reply- busy NHS I understand-
Am wondering if my concerns are justified, and how to broach this on the day.
Any insight would be useful
Thank you all..
Posted 16 December 2017 15:36:25(UTC)

What would normally happen is that the cores would be taken from the equivocal areas; the detail gleaned from the MRI makes a template biopsy unnecessary. The only question mark in your case is whether your NHS consultant has seen your private MRI results?

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