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Active Surveillance - 12 years on

Posted 18 December 2017 12:59:15(UTC)

I found this blog very interesting and thought I'd share it with those who have an interest in AS and lifestyle changes as an alternative to surgery/HT/RT etc.

It is the path I have chosen to go down and have no regrets.




Posted 18 December 2017 20:34:59(UTC)

Interesting read Roger.

John was on AS for a year and was quite happy on it, until the PSA started to rise and we talked over what the next step should be.

I suppose for some men there is (understandably) a knee jerk reaction to "let's get it out"

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Posted 18 December 2017 23:46:36(UTC)

We know that some men undergo treatment that they don't need to survive. Some men have had PCa for years and have died of something else not even knowing they have had PCa or followed any particular diet/exercise regime to avoid it. So it was only shown that they had had PCa at autopsy. So even knowing they have PCa, some men who have no radical treatment but are just monitored (AS) will be lucky. Others following this route may at some time need intervention if indicators show the PCa is becoming a problem. For some men this is a reasonable and calculated path to follow. There is a risk that in the interim the PCa has advanced more at some point than indicators have shown and that treatment then given may be less effective. It's a risk men opting for AS have to accept. I can see AS becoming a more acceptable option as better predictability of advancement becomes available. The story in the link of itself shows in retrospect that so far the author make a good choice for him. It does not mean that it would have been a good choice for another man identified at a similar stage. It does not show that diet/exercise played a part, although this might have helped. More research is needed to confirm the extent diet/exercise may play in relation to PCa. We do know that a good diet and exercise is good for general health and this may help control PCa.

Posted 19 December 2017 00:31:39(UTC)

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member

 It's a risk men opting for AS have to accept. 


It's all a risk, isn't it though - men who choose radical treatment hoping for a cure but then discover that they need adjuvant or salvage treatment, men who choose one option based on minimising potential side effects only to find they are really unlucky, men who opt for AS and are then let down by a medic that really does nothing more than watchful waiting. 

Stan took a risk opting for AS and was unlucky that his PSA did not behave in the expected way. Dad is taking a risk in refusing salvage treatment. I can't say I always feel happy about it but I do understand that both had the right to make their own decision regardless of what I think or want :-(   

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