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Sex and Mind after RP

Posted 21 December 2017 10:06:08(UTC)

After a couple of years on AS I got my latest biopsy results yesterday: It looks as if I will have to finally accept that Radical Surgery is the best route for me.

I'm not looking forward to the procedure or the recovery phase, but feel I have prevaricated long enough and now is the time to commit.

The surgeon is highly regarded and is fairly confident that incontinence won't be a major issue. 


I'm becoming more concerned about ED, what kind of a sex life to expect after surgery and the psychological impact of impotence. 

Even though I'm not a particularly macho bloke and I'm now 61 years of age, I have a fear of being emasculated and 'old before my time'


I'd being very grateful to know how others have fared after the procedure - not the days and weeks immediately after surgery - more how life is afterwards.


Specifically is libido the same as it was before?


If erections are not possible without injections etc - is it still possible to orgasm? 


What does it feel like to orgasm without ejaculating?


How has your self esteem been affected?


Do feel less 'complete'?


How is your mood? - do you feel depressed that sex is no longer what it was?


All answers gratefully received.


And of course ways to cope with the above - I'm quite resilient - just want to be prepared!



Best wishes to you all,





Posted 21 December 2017 13:18:06(UTC)

Well Longshoreman a woman is not best placed to answer you but if you go to the search box and put in "Erecting the Erection" you'll find a very good thread with lots of help specific to your enquiry on it.

You could also look up Chris J as he has a lot of information.

Hope that helps but I am sure you'll get replies from the men on here

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
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Posted 21 December 2017 15:01:16(UTC)

Hi , as Sandra said look up that post and also click my picture and read my profile if you wish. Have also messaged you. I find it impossible to answer all those questions by posting although I think I have all the answers you want. I should seriously start up my own recovery website with all the questions I receive :-))

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Posted 21 December 2017 15:18:23(UTC)

Well, if you need to consult and expert................................say no more !!

Chris is your man!

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
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