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My dad...

Posted 07 Apr 2018 at 00:20
I have been reading all of the stories on here and have decided to join for advice and success stories for my Dad. He has recently been diagnosed with Prostrate cancer and they believe it is in his bones - he has a scan in a weeks time then they will grade the cancer.

He does have bad back pain which concerns me ... also a very high PSA level which again worries me so much.

The consultant said “it’s treatable not curable”

My Dad is in his early fifties and is really fit which is why this has devistated me and my family.

Any advice, tips, further information on anything to help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Loo loo xx

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Posted 07 Apr 2018 at 17:22

Hello Loo loo and welcome to the site.

PSA of 1500 is indeed high but we have had higher and yes the man/men are, like your dad, incurable but they live full lives, just different to their previous ones.

If you go to Publications on this site, you can download the Toolkit which is a set of useful information which may help.

If possible (and your dad lets you) could you go with him to the appointments. A second pair of ears is very handy as there is always such a lot to take in.

Don't despair. There are quite a few treatments available (and tweaks to previous treatments that have proven helpful)

Was any mention made of treatment. Has dad, for instance, been given hormones or is it all being left until after the bone scan ?

Best Wishes




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We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 09 Apr 2018 at 19:29
Hi Sandra,

Thank you for the positive reply :) it means a lot

My dad is booked in for a bone scan next week and then will have a meeting with the cancer team to discuss treatment and Gleason level.

He is starting his hormone therapy tomorrow.

Yes going to some of his appointments may help, it just feels a little surreal at the moment.

What is your experience with prostrate cancer have you any advice for along the way as i feel like it’s going to be hard.

Thank you again

loo loo x

Posted 09 Apr 2018 at 19:37

I have just seen your profile Information and how great your husband is doing. Is your husbands cnacer spread past the prostrate? I think that’s my main concern with my dad how far it has actually gone and how that will affect him and treatment.

Thanks again,

Loo Loo x

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