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Cancer found During TURP

Posted 13 Apr 2018 at 22:10

Hello All,

I just found this website and joined. A few moths back my PSA doubled from 1.5 to a little of 3 in about 16 months. Both my father and his younger brother had Pca so as a precaution my urologist did a biopsy but found nothing. Said my BPH was the probable cause of my PSA increase. Si he did a TURP on me last Friday. As far as he was concerned all went well. Unfortunately my flow is worse than it was before the TURP. Pain not so bad now though. I called him yesterday and if it does not improve he wants to see me next week for a look see with a cystoscope. Now even though my biopsies all came back negative I convinced him to send the tissue he carved off my prostate to be tested just in case. Glad I did. The lab results just got posted in my record on line. Here's what it says; PROSTATIC ADENOCARCINOMA (3+4) (GROUP-2)  INVOLVING APPROXIMATELY 5% OF THE RESECTION TISSUE. I can't say it's a shock since it runs in the family but definitely a bummer after thinking I had dodged the bullet at least for a while. I had read that traditional biopsies are only accurate about 65% of the time and about 35% of the Pca diagnoses come from the TURP procedure. So now not sure what the Doc will do. There are other more accurate forms of the biopsy but not sure US military medicine will willing go that route. The most accurate is the MRI guided biopsy. Guess I'll hopefully find out next week. Also I hope they don't have to remove the entire prostate since they already cut into it. My dad had his removed and was miserable from then on. He never regained full control. I will op for radiation if at all possible or the implanted seeds.

Posted 14 Apr 2018 at 00:24

Not sure how it works in the US but in the UK they probably wouldn’t bother doing another biopsy since they got tissue from your TURP. With only 5% and 3+4 rather than 4+3 they might advise you to go on active surveillance for a while to see what your PSA does - if it drops there is a chance that they got all the cancer out already. If you do need treatment, brachytherapy results are looking very good in the UK but you would need to talk to the oncologist about whether you should also have hormone treatment and if so, for how long.

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Posted 14 Apr 2018 at 12:05

Depending on how aggressive the TURP was, there may not be enough prostate left for a further biopsy. Also, as I understand it, the histology of the relatively large amount of tissue removed during a TURP probably gives a better chance of identifying the severity and spread of the PCa.

Low flow is definitely something to be looked at. After my TURP it was like being a teenager again.

TURP then LRP in 2009/2010. Lots of leakage but PSA < 0.1 AMS-800 Artificial Sphincter activated 2015.
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