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Advice please - prostate cancer support

Posted 12 May 2018 at 21:27

My father has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer ( after a year or more of ignoring symptoms)

His PSA levels were 112 so they conducted an MRI / bone scan ..good news that nothing was showing as having spread to his bones.

We have recently received his biopsy results back - he has a Gleason score of 9.7. The doctorsarr continuing with hormone therapy but aren't considering any other treatment at present .

My father is 63, otherwise healthy and has really adjusted his diet over the past few months eating less sugars , more whole foods and excercising .

Does anyone else have experiences similar ? What treatment did you / your family member receive ? Any adjustments we can make to help him ?

Thank you xxxxx

Posted 12 May 2018 at 23:11

Hi you really need to know what his staging is (T3, T4 ??) as this is key to knowing what other treatment options he has. Also the Gleason score you quote doesn't make sense he will either be a 9 OR a 7 not a 9.7??

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