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Anal Orgasm after TURP or HoLEP for BPH

Posted 04 Jun 2018 at 19:02

In January I went into the hospital on an emergency basis for a rapidly increasing Creatinine level.  When I was admitted it was 4.5.  I had three ultasounds/sonograms that showed good emptying of my bladder.  I also had a CT scan which showed no diagnosable problem.  I was catheterized around the 3rd day.  Apparently my levels fairly quickly decreased and on the 7th will a Creatinine level of about 1.2.

They claimed that there had been some blockage but the sonograms contradicted that.  I don't believe they really knew what caused my serious but transitory kidney problem.

When discharged from the hospital I was prescribed 5mg finasteride and 0.5 mg tamsulosin.  After about 3.5 months I had my GP prescribe 5 mg Cialis daily to add to the finasteride and tamsulosin. This was about 2 months ago.  According to the Cialis website I was supposed to see improvement after 30 days but condition has had no real noticeable improvement sine my January hospital discharge.

I don't have any major problems except for a very small (diameter) but reasonably forceful urinary stream.

With my current condition, I am considering having either a TURP or HoLep procedure to treat my condition and more importantly as a prophylaxis against a recurring kidney problem.

I am mostly a bottom and enjoy a particular position with maximum prostate stimulation.  Does anyone know if these these procedures are likely to negatively affect my achieving orgasm for anal receptive sex?

So far I've only found information about the affect or a complete removal of the prostate.


Posted 04 Jun 2018 at 20:46
I am not sure why you are taking Cialis or the other meds - you don't mention having been diagnosed with BPH?
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Posted 12 Jun 2018 at 10:32

I'm not familiar with either but the literature clearly indicates HoLep: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4446381/

There is a sparsity of literature on QOL implications for men with prostate cancer and that's especially true for gay men. I've found that the best sources of support and information have come from a) A gay radiologist at Clatterbridge and b) this support group www.facebook.com/outwithprostatecancer/

Having asked similar questions about the impact of radiotherapy and hormone treatment, I've not been able to find definitive answers. 

Good luck and keep us posted!




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