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UTI for a month

Posted 23 Jun 2018 at 12:23

I had a robotic prostatectomy in april this year and a follow up consultation with the surgeon 6 weeks later. No radiotherapy needed but a PSA will be done in july. A good meeting and I felt fine too!

Around a month ago I felt unwell. A had a few minor lower abdominal aches and increased urine output during the day and night.My GP diagnosed that I was suffering from a urine infection and took a culture. My first lot of antebiotics made me feel a bit better and I completed the course. I have cut out diuretics, alcohol and other bladder irritants and am drinking lots of water.   To cut a long story short-yesterday my GP -after a further examination-put me on a fourth week of antibiotics saying my urine sample was still showing signs of infection. He has also "ordered" another culture that should be available for my next GP appointment in a week's time (29/6) that will coincide with the end of my current (4th)lot of antibiotics. I am not optimistic that these will do the trick so i expect my GP to do me a prompt referral to Urology and write to my surgeon etc.

Naturally, I am finding this very stressful and difficult to manage, rushing to the loo, getting up in the night bla bla .... to be honest life is at a standstill. I really know what it feels to be pissed off!

Once this infection was diagnosed I have also been in contact with my specialist nurse at the Hospital Urology clinic. On the first occasion --she pointed out that urine infections were not uncommon following surgery. I texted her an update yesterday and expect to talk to her this coming monday re my current status...the closing sentence of my text was " Is there anything ELSE  I should or could be doing to knock this on the head".  

A urine infection is tiresome, very draining and thoroughly disagreeable if you are at the stage of recovery I am. Naturally it looks as though my July PSA will need to be postponed till all sign of infection are clear. Annoying but manageable.

Am I doing all that I can do to manage an outcome here?. I know the seriousness of an infection and am confident in the support of my GP surgery and the Specialist Nurse at my hospital. These though are my questions what might be going on here?, why is this taking so long to clear?, what might be causing this infection? What else should I be doing? Has anyone else had a sustained period of urine infection/antebiotics following a prostatectomy,?

All advice, thoughts and experiences welcome


Many thanks



Posted 23 Jun 2018 at 18:11
There are lots of different bacteria which might be the cause of your UTI. The medics usually start off with a common broad spectrum antibiotic. If that doesn't do the trick they zoom in on something specific based upon what the culture revealed. But as you will know resistance to antibiotics is growing in the general population, from over prescribing. This might mean some experimentation to get it precisely right in your case. I fear a lot of patience may be required (even more) on your part. I have been through something similar though less extreme, so you have my sympathy! Good Luck.


Posted 23 Jun 2018 at 18:56


I started with water infections soon after robotic surgery ,similar scenario then and now first antibiotics work quite well subsequent antibiotics not so good, even when sent to lab for culture to target the strain of infection. I did ask about a low maintenance dose, but GP said we will keep that in reserve. I  did have migration of the hem-o-lok surgical clips post op and once removed that also reduced the amount of infections, clip migration is rare but not as rare as the medics would have you believe. 

Your change of fluids seems a sensible move. Some people say cranberry juice can be effective, but some say it can help prevent water infections not cure once you have one. If you do go the cranberry route get a good quality one or make your own.

Hope you get it sorted.

Thanks Chris

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