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TURP Procedure - Advice please

Posted 16 Jul 2018 at 21:39


My dad has been diagnosed with locally advanced T3b PCa and is currently on hormone therapy (zoladex). He will be commencing a 7.5 week course of radiotherapy (5 days a week) but, first, the Oncologist thinks TURP surgery will be beneficial to ease the problems with his waterworks before blasting his prostate with radio. During an initial flow test the hospital letter states:

"His Qmax in clinic was 5mls/sec with an average of 4mls/sec on a 289mls void with a post void residual of 244mls. His TRUS biopsy volume was recorded as 37cc."

I think this means he is getting rid of just over half of the volume of urine when passing water and retaining the rest?  I know he is rather nervous about the surgery and wondered if anyone who had been through the procedure might share their experience? How long was recovery? Did you experience any complications? I know the Oncologist wants his waterworks to have settled down after surgery before commencing radio. His urology appointment is scheduled for mid August (so we were informed today after turning up at today's urology appointment to be told it had been cancelled - 32 mile round trip!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr :-(

On a seperate note, he has a meeting tomorrow with the Oncologist and clinical trial nurse as he's put himself forward for the Stampede trial (metformin).


Posted 17 Jul 2018 at 08:57

I had a catheter for some time and had a TURP procedureas I couldn’t have RT with it in place.

The procedure was fairly easy for me, although I feared any form of operation as I’d never had one. I woke up in the recovery area after what appeared to be a short time, had a cup of tea and a biscuit and was soon on the main ward.

I went in on the Friday and came home on the Monday. They did put the catheter back in temporarily but I had to show them I could wee 3 times without it before it was ok to go home. I passed some blood clots for a few days which were a little painful at times but otherwise ok.

I didn’t have any side effects but was careful what I did physically afterwards.

Best wishes,

Posted 17 Jul 2018 at 10:20
Thank you Arthur. I'm so glad you replied as I was reading your Bio last night and it seems to mirrors my dad's somewhat in terms of diagnosis. I'm pleased you seem to be doing well. Dad's having all the usual symptoms of HT at the moment.....hot sweats, low mood, aching bones/muscles, tiredness, etc but is staying active doing lots of walking and cycling. He is scheduled to see the urology nurse next Monday for another flow test/scan. We're just about to set off to see the Oncologist to discuss Stampede so at least things are happening. Take care x
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