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Is Cyberknife Better For Prostate Cancer (you tube discussion)

Posted 18 Jul 2018 at 21:52

Explanation of Cyberknife and radiation. Youtube discussion,  radiation, CK, IMRT, secondary cancers, much more.



Posted 19 Jul 2018 at 02:09
There are many ways of delivering RT and these are still evolving and being improved on. Clearly, Cyberknife using 5 or maybe even fewer fractions is seen as a benefit to those administering the treatment and for patients. The situation is rather like Proton Beam in certain ways. Both theoretically offer greater precision and for different reasons less collateral damage to normal cells. Proton Beam has not shown to be considerably better than IMRT for Prostate Cancer despite costing very much more. Because it is a more recent development, it can't be said that Cyberknife will prove more successful long term than the ever improving linacs dispensing EBRT or indeed Brachytherapy. Choice for the patient is highly dependent on whether his hospital has the Cyberknife (very few hospitals in the UK do as yet), or if he is prepared to travel, even abroad if he wants Cyberknife or Proton Beam and he is a suitable candidate., Whist generalizations can be made, it would be helpful if a patient could be told what would be the best treatment for him in his individual circumstances (notwithstanding likely side effects), The choice is likely to become increasingly more difficult for many patients as RT further develops and various focal treatments and Nanoknife IRE also become options for some men.

It was interesting what was said about the very low risk of RT initiating secondary cancers many years later as this is one of the main concerns of men considering it.

Thanks for posting.
Posted 27 Jul 2018 at 18:47

I have just finished my RT course and looked into financing my own Cyberknife treatment. I was attracted by the idea of its accuracy and by including a rectal spacer I felt that I might get the best treatment in the minimum time with the minimum of collateral damage.

Living in Cheshire my nearest unit was in Birmingham so I was sent to meet an Oncologist there. He was delightful, and very kind, but to his credit (bearing in mind we were talking about £15-20k expenditure) he said that they are unwilling to treat anyone who is beyond Gleason 7 (3+4) as the amount of radiation needed would produce twice the side effects in half the time, and in my case, having some evidence of cancer near the periphery of the capsule he would have to radiate outside to the same tolerance that I would experience by conventional methods. He did not refuse treatment but in essence he said that as I was getting V-mat IGIMRT, it was what I needed and would be the best treatment for me. 

There are only five CBK units in the UK. Four in London and one in Birmingham. Basic treatment is £13.5K, but with consultations and scans I would expect to pay upwards of £15k.



Posted 27 Jul 2018 at 19:56

If I still had a prostate I might have been attracted to a rectal spacer, whatever that is. Can you buy it on line from [Link Removed By Moderator] No more G-Spot tweaking for me!

One thing to remember, with these ‘avant-garde’ procedures is that there is no viable prostate to do a biopsy on. I seriously considered Nano-Knife in Germany @ €16,000 a pop. If I had opted for that I would have a dead or dying electrocuted tumour in my prostate, still have a prostate gland, but be blissfully unaware of any spread elsewhere, such as the recent biopsy of my prostatectomy has revealed.

You would only find out if and when there were increases in PSA.

Are you a 737 pilot with Ryanair? According to the boss, Mr O’Liar, they earn £219,000 a year, so 15k is bugger all.

Joking aside, best of luck for the future.

Kind regards, John

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Posted 27 Jul 2018 at 23:59
Joking aside, Bollinge, you should read up on the rectal spacer as it will reduce the risk of side effects if you do go on to have adjuvant RT. Ask whether the onco you are referred to uses SpaceOar.
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Posted 28 Jul 2018 at 07:36
Thank you Matron.

I have checked out SpaceOar and if I do have to be on the wrong end of a radiation beam I certainly would consider it. Is it available in general on the NHS or would I have to ‘ask nicely’ or travel hundreds of miles (to Wales perhaps?) for the injection?

Cheers, John.
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