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House Rules, Terms and Conditions, Contacting the moderators

Posted 20 Aug 2018 at 11:30

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post a reminder from the moderators about the house rules https://prostatecanceruk.org/get-support/our-online-community/using-the-online-community/ and terms and conditions https://prostatecanceruk.org/get-support/using-the-online-community/terms-and-conditions for the online community, that each member agrees to abide by when you sign up for an account.

The purpose of our online community is to provide a welcoming and supporting place where people can share information and support each other through personal experiences of prostate cancer and prostate problems.

The online community should not be used for gathering information for surveys, research studies, finding a source to interview for a news story, or similar efforts, unless prior permission has been given by Prostate Cancer UK.

Contacting the moderators
If you see a message on the community or receive a private message that you are concerned about please tell us by emailing your concerns to: onlinecommunity@prostatecanceruk.org.

Every post has a report facility on it so you can report a message you have concerns about and the moderation team will be notified and can then take appropriate action.

Best wishes,

Digital Manager
Prostate Cancer UK

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