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Worried uti -psa 9.5 now 7.3

Posted 03 Oct 2018 at 21:05

Hi everyone,

Mrs Lewis here, just need to talk to someone as I’m really scared about what could potentially change our lives. Mr L had a very bad uti about a month ago, they checked his psa which was 9.5, they said it could be due to infection and to have it checked again once the infection had cleared. The A&e dr did a DRE and said it felt irregular and to have it checked again after the infection had cleared. So 2 weeks post infection he had his psa tested again, this time it was 7.3. So is coming down, but gp has referred to urologis, which is on a urgent fast track. Hubby is 63, and pretty fit and healthy. Does have slight symptoms like dribbling and very slight struggle to pee not all the time, usually ok after he passes wind! Just really worried about him, I’m really hoping his raised psa is due to the very nasty uti he had, but the thing that worries me is the irregularities the a&e dr said. Am I just being a basket case, any advice would be great. Thank you 😊 

Posted 04 Oct 2018 at 02:08
Hello Michaela,

Sorry for the concern that brings you here. It is correct that one of the main reasons why a PSA can be higher than normal for the age of a man can be due to a UTI and it should be checked to ensure that this has been cleared up as UTI's can sometimes prove to be resistant to antibiotics given. There are other reasons which may lead to an elevated PSA such as an enlarged Prostate or certain things done within a day or so prior to the PSA test such as having sex, riding a bicycle or other exertions. However, as you state, from what has been said by A&E, the irregular shape of the Prostate stands out as a reason for concern. It is sensible to get the view of a urologist on this who will probably want to do another DRE because he/she will have more experience in this than A&E or GP. A further PSA may be done and then likely a biopsy and MRI scan or MRI followed by biopsy.

It is a matter of waiting for the results of what a urologist and others, if tests and scans are done, conclude. At your husband's age men have at least a 50% chance of having Prostate cancer but in the vast majority of cases such men have what has been termed 'Pussy Cat' cancer which is insignificant and they go on to die of something else. Other men may have a more aggressive or extensive cancer termed a 'Tiger' which calls for treatment to stop or slow it. It is also possible for 'Pussy Cats' to become 'Tigers' in some cases, so it is sensible to monitor even insignificant cancer for change.

Should hubby be diagnosed with cancer, there are different ways he could be treated, some or all of which could be open to him. Quite often it is left to the patient to decide which option to go for. Mostly, it's one of the forms of surgery or radiation. Before making his decision a man needs to consider the Pros and Cons of treatments and we usually recommend he downloads or obtains a hard copy of the 'Toolkit' available form the publications department of this charity as part of his research.

Posted 04 Oct 2018 at 07:39

Hi Barry,

thank you for a prompt and thorough reply. So I guess we’re not really going to find out much tomorro? It sounds like a lot of waiting for tests. I was hoping as psa had come down on its own and a recent urine test showed no infection that it all points to the nasty uti he had. He tells me a dr once told him his prostate was enlarged and it was just part of getting older! Im not sure how or why he was seeing that dr, but obviously there was no follow up, and this is a few years ago. Just feel sick all the time and can’t yhink of anything else.

thanks again,


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