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Full time job and abiraterone

Posted 09 Oct 2018 at 16:33

Hi, I would be interested to hear about any experiences any men in their 50's have had with continuing to work their fulltime job when started on Abiraterone. My husband was diagnosed in May 2014 and worked through daily radiotherapy and more recently through 6 sessions of Docetaxel (admittedly a lot of the time from home, but that was more due to infection risk). The main concern is the fatigue side effect, which was horrendous with chemotherapy, but manageable as we knew there was an end point. It seems the Abiraterone will be a much more long term treatment with no end point in sight.


Posted 09 Oct 2018 at 17:48

I don't know about abiraterone, but I do know I'm having problems with fatigue on bicalutimide.  My employers currently have me working four hours per day as a reasonable adjustment.  I'm lucky, I have good employers.  I couldn't cope with full days.  I'd literally fall asleep.


Posted 09 Oct 2018 at 18:47
I have had both treatments, Docetaxel and now Abiraterone / Zytiga.

For me the Abiraterone is a far less toxic treatment and I am able to return to work whilst undergoing the Abiraterone treatment, although initially on a part time basis

In fairness, I worked for quite a while whilst undertaking the Docetaxel treatment (again part time) but in the end I had to stop work to recover. But I did have 20 infusions of Docetaxel, which appears more than normal.

Hope that helps



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