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Permanent brachytherapy survivors?

Posted 14 Oct 2018 at 03:13

What beneficial - apart from surviving - and maleficial effects are you experiencing after brachytherapy - permanent/temporary- and, what support/assistance have you received?  Most of my support/assistance comes from the Internet! 

Posted 14 Oct 2018 at 12:01

Hi Rossano,

Welcome to a place that none of us wish to be.

I see you had High Dose Brachytherapy in 1999 and I assume you would have had regular follow ups for at least some of the time since. Were you discharged from the hospital at some point? Has your PSA gradually risen or suddenly started to take off? Have you discussed your situation with your GP? A recent increase in the need to urinate could be caused by a urinary infection and sex drive does diminish as one ages. So my suggestion is that you arrange an appointment with your GP. If you have been discharged from hospital he will have to make any referral anyway if tests he authorizes need further investigation by a hospital.

No doubt others who have had Brachytherapy will comment on how they have been affected by the treatment.

PS  Did you definitely have High Dose because it is generally low dose where radioactive seeds are left in a Prostate that is referred to as permanent Brachytherapy?

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