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8 weeks after prostate removed

Posted 14 Oct 2018 at 23:53

Hi, I'm new here, so this is where I am at

I watched the full Monty programme in April and my wife persuaded me to ask the GP for a PSA physical examination as it was about 3 years sine the last one. The GP didn't feel anything hard so said it looked like all was well but to be on the safe side I should have a PSA test.  It came back as 6.9, the GP said that it was a low reading but that to be cautious I should have biopsies taken, they showed up as a moderate cancer so in July I had an MRI scan. I was told that the scans showed a tumour and that I had prostate cancer, however they didn't show the tumour extending outside the prostate. It was a shock all right, the treatments were explained to me and I elected for robotic prostatectomy as it seemed to be the way to get rid of the problem.

That was just over 8 weeks ago,  the surgeon said that the operation went well. I was out the next day and didn't get any side effects afterwards or the anaesthetic. Wearing a catheter was ok but it was good to get rid of it after two weeks, the self injection was fine although I never really got totally comfortable with it, I haven't really had any great leaking problems so I was feeling positive apart from still feeling a dull ache in the region where the biopsies were taken.

I went back to see the surgeon last Friday, I had a PSA test the week before. He told me before the operation that he expected the PSA reading to go down to 0.01, at the meeting he started off by saying that the PSA was 1.5 meaning that as the prostate isn't their any more that the cancer must have broken out. This was a body blow as I fully hoped and expected to be given the all clear. I now have to have a further PSA test tomorrow then PET and CT scans to identify where the cancer is now. I'm of course very anxious and also not happy about the poor diagnosis and delays particularly as they knew that my brother died of prostate cancer some years ago.

I doubt that the PSA level will have dropped but you can but hope, the thought of hormone treatment and going for RT every day for 6 weeks is something that I dread but I guess that if it kills the cancer then that's the main thing.

My gripe is with the GP surgery as if I hadn't asked for a PSA test then I could be here now with prostate cancer developing and none the wiser. They know about the deadly disease but just don't accept that PSA testing is something that all men over 50 should be alerted and monitored.

Posted 15 Oct 2018 at 00:53
That isn’t down to your GP surgery - it is national policy. Even PCUK doesn’t advocate screening programmes for prostate cancer.

I am sorry that your result was not better. RT / HT but it may not be as bad as you imagine - my husband delayed it for 2 years after his RP but when he eventually accepted he needed it, found it to be a breeze. However, your post-op PSA suggests more than just a few cells left behind in the prostate bed so don’t accept RT without those scans being completed to prove that there is a chance of it being successful.

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Posted 15 Oct 2018 at 06:35
My results were identical to yours. Click my picture and read my story. I’m 3 1/2 yrs post op and still refusing RT and living a normal life

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