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Post RT fatigue

Posted 08 Nov 2018 at 17:23

Hi all

Am 2.5 weeks post SRT and fatigue has slowly crept up on me (on top of depression / anxiety swings) to a point where I feel like I have bad flu, energy wise. Strings cut and all that.

I felt totally fine during RT.

Is it usual to go from one extreme to the other?

Usual sources say 3-4 weeks of this, sometimes more.

I am forcing myself at gunpoint to go to the gym twice a week for some cardio and HIIT weights but beyond that I can't manage more than a short walk.

Weight gain is contributing to sleep loss so I am trying to fight that too.

Someone please tell me it gets better!


Posted 08 Nov 2018 at 21:04

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with fatigue. I had 33 sessions of RT from Feb-Apr of this year

fatigue wasn’t a problem initially but definitely caught uo with me towards the end. After stopping I found the fatigue lessening but I do still feel more fatigued than before bit I attribute that to the Bicalutamude/Tamoxifen cocktail I have been on for almost a year

Can’t wait till I come off that I can tell you

Posted 08 Nov 2018 at 21:10


There are typical reactions which lots of people have at the expected points of time.  Then there are others who have delayed reactions -at least I think that’s what happened to me.  I think your tiredness will resolve itself, but it may take time.  4 months post-SRT, I’m finally starting to feel back to my old self.  At my worst, I was tired all the time and walking up hills left me breathless.  I know a lot of people seem to sail through SRT.  I’d tell people not to underestimate it.


Posted 09 Nov 2018 at 09:18
Well I guess I just have to be patient.

I am being a bit hard on myself expecting too much I suspect.

I just want to be back to normal!

Posted 09 Nov 2018 at 16:04

It is difficult dealing with HT side effects. I still get fatigued but despite that very active.

I have a first class honours in being hard on myself! I think you do too.

Time to be kind to yourself, pace activities out, and enjoy the moment.

I am going all mindfulnes, sorry. I am good at giving advice but not necessarily applying it myself!



Posted 09 Nov 2018 at 18:33
I feel much better today. I wonder if I had a bug to due to suppresed immune function.

You are right, I need to slow down and be patient. I am trying to be mindful but it is hard when you are having to act as y our own health admin :)

Posted 10 Nov 2018 at 09:52

Morning Pete,

Continue your gym work, it will help greatly in your post SRT recovery whilst hopefully having beneficial effects on your sleep pattern and mental wellbeing. A few of my fellow SRT pals got through the treatment period quite well but have said they became tired / low  after the course ended, then felt better as time progressed. My guess is that you'll probably react similarly. Take care.





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