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Out of my mind with worry

Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 01:23



im 48 and three weeks ago started to urinate about 12 times a day after experiencing very mild frequency increase over the summer. Saw the doctor last Monday and had a blood test. Going back tomorrow (thurs 6) for results. since first appointment I have started to get other symptoms, such as lower back ache, a bit of thigh, knee and ankle ache. My anxiety levels have been through the roof. My gf and parents think I'm panicking unduly and when I got a letter from the doctor saying I was in a prediabetic condition (and no mention of PSA) they took that as confirmation it was all in my mind. but over the weekend I started to get tingling in feet and hands. This came and went. Today I got a feeling of slightly altered coordination and a slight weakness in the hands. Of course, now I think it's SCC and I'm going insane with worry because I've had no diagnosis or anything. Obviously i will tell the doctor but I am worried that there'll be more delay and if it is SCC then that is terrifying. What should I say/do if he tells me to go away and wait? 

I am tempted to ring up one of the private places.

i have been off work and just getting through the days.



Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 07:01

Hi. Pardon my ignorance but what is SCC?




Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 07:35
Spinal cord compression.

EXTREMELY unlikely. Your symptoms sound like those of a mild UTI.


Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 07:52
You have been off work because of this? That’s a poor show.

These are not classic signs of prostate cancer, and definitely doesn’t seem like SCC. Sounds like a urine infection mixed up with anxiety.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 08:13

Forgot to say that I have had post-urination dribbling and feeling of not emptying the bladder fully. 

Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 08:17
Just to be sure, ask your doctor today if your blood test did include a PSA test, as in my experience they often don’t.

And take note of what our Matron here (above) said, as she generally knows what’s what, and is an expert in this field.

Best of luck today.

Cheers, John.

Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 08:22

Thanks John. The test did include PSA. 



Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 10:23
As others have said it’s likely to be a non sinister issue. Just think how a lot of your symptoms started after that first appointment. When you are anxious about your health you start to notice every little twinge that would normally have just come and gone.

Ask your GP what the PSA score was and take it from there

I can understand if you have been unable to work as anxiety can be all consuming. Let your GP know about this also

Good luck


Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 15:55
My mistake - I had read it that he was off work due to the tingling fingers & back / leg ache.

Pins, needles and tingling are signs of peripheral neuropathy, a side effect of diabetes. But if the result indicated that you are only pre-diabetic, you wouldn't have neural damage so anxiety is still the most likely explanation. SCC rarely affects the arms & hands; the most common indicator of SCC is sudden paralysis of the lower body.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 18:33
Your GP needs to have your urine tested for a UTI if not done already.
Posted 06 Dec 2018 at 18:36
What did your GP say when you saw him today, Nick? I hope he was able to reassure you.


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