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Sildenafil vs Tadalafil

Posted 10 Dec 2018 at 12:57

Hello Guys,


I have been on the HT (Prostap) injection since February this year. Been very lucky with side effects , nothing physical at all but the mental and ED issues have arisen (Pun intended) .

Mentally i'm dealing with it by visiting a counselor regularly. 

Regarding the ED , I still have some libido and so the Sildenafil ( Viagra ) works well and for longer than the supposed 4 hour window. But was only offered 8 pills through the ED clinic and as i'm struggling with the pump ( mentally and physically ) i wondered about a daily pill. And also with only a small number of pills there has to be some planning - doesn't work well for us.

I am currently on the 100mg Sildenafil but i'm aware this is too much for a daily. So asked my GP for a daily version of the same ..... So she has put me on Tadalafil ( Cialis ) 10mg but again only 8 pills. If this works is it OK for a daily ?

I had no side effects from the Sildenafil at all and wondered if i might be different with Tadalafil ? In fact made me feel pretty good, waking up with an erection again :-)

And next how can I get them to understand i want a daily so it also helps with re-habilitation ( or maintenance ! ), and what pill and (probable) size ( the pill i mean )....The GP wasn't all that knowledgeable about these meds. I should have done the research before i know, but i feel she would be OK with me going back to talk more when i have tried these and got more information.

For info I am 63 quite fit ( visit gym and training for a Tough Mudder) and have no heart issues.



Posted 10 Dec 2018 at 13:50
I bought some over-the counter Viagra from Wal-Mart in Acapulco years ago. I took one tablet which made me nauseous. My mate in America who was then around seventy asked his GP for Viagra, but was questioned: “How many do you need, I can only prescribe six month’s worth”.

“Oh, give me a hundred”. After he recovered from shock, the doctor wrote a prescription. My mate took one and had nausea and headache, and thus had 99 left.

I had success with occasional 20mg and daily 5mg Cialis, but no sign of life since my operation. My mate, now 81, still has the daily Tadalafil 5mg dose, the randy bugger.

Cheers, John.
Posted 10 Dec 2018 at 14:35
Ideally you want to be on Tadalafil 5mg daily. I take mine at night to minimise side effects and can get an erection at will now anytime. Now it is generic it is much cheaper to prescribe. Really worth asking your doc for it in my opinion. I can’t stress enough to anyone that regular use of the pump is recommended to keep the penis tissue and chambers healthy or shrinkage will occur. Good luck

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
Posted 10 Dec 2018 at 20:02

thanks Chris , I will try the 10mg I have been prescribed. Make sure I’m ok with it and then try the 5mg daily .

not enjoying the pump at all , painful and not particularly effective. For me the viagra every time !

who on this forum thought they’d be talking about this stuff a few years ago ?



Posted 10 Dec 2018 at 20:16
Goalhanger, put the idea of the pump as a sex aid out of your head and see it more like the exercises a physio would give you after a knee op - painful but necessary. You should really be using it every day, even just for a few minutes, otherwise when you come off the hormones you may find your penis is too small to do anything with.

You could get a pill cutter from the chemist and take half a tablet to see how that goes?
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard
Posted 11 Dec 2018 at 07:37

Hi Lyn, you know a little of my history and you'll understand how this has hit me and i will do anything to help my body ( and my mind) to get through this .

I already view the pump as a rehab tool but its so painful and i do find it difficult to find the time to use it. I am having to have a bath in the middle of the evening so i can be alone with my lovely SomaErect . My youngest (26) is still living with us and his fiancee as well until their house is finished and he does tend to barge into our bedroom occasionally without thinking...

I have less than a year to go on the HT and so i am hoping that a daily Cialis will obviate the need for the pump......

I know i am likely doing something wrong with the pump, but i read up on here and have tried all the suggestions, i.e. 45 Degree angle , shaved area ( as if that's necessary as its never grown back after RT ), pinching the skin , but it is still very painful and i have to stop before reaching the end of the lesson, so to speak...

I do still  get the occasional morning glory only its not really a glory , more like a merely mildly rousing, but i am hoping that the daily use will do the business for the blood and tissue maintenance. The Sildenafil was very good , albeit i was taking 100mg. That took awhile to work ( hours) but then as they say ' it was the present that kept giving' for at least 7-8 hours.

So need to find a quiet chemist now and collect my pills. 

And the suggestion of cutting them in half is interesting , i may try that.



Posted 11 Dec 2018 at 08:28
I wonder if you inflate too quickly? Ideal technique is
- pump for a minute or two
- pause
- pump for a minute or two
- pause
- pump for a minute or two
- deflate (release vacuum)
- start again

Over a period of time the technique usually improves and it gets quicker to do, but the pause is essential to give time for more blood to be drawn to the area. Pumping endlessly for 15 or 20 minutes is too much pressure.
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard
Posted 11 Dec 2018 at 08:59

oh God ....I do 2 pumps wait 5 secs then next and within 2 mins I am extended 🙄 but it’s really starting to hurt where the pump fits to your skin. So before I am at the end of the lesson I have to release.

if i pumped for a minute or 2 I suspect it would explode 😆. 

i will try again tonight and try to leave longer gaps .

I have become a bit fed up with it but I must persevere I suppose 😳. Glass of wine and here I come SomaErect I hope you’re ready 😘. 

Sorry for the humour but it’s my only defence ...



Posted 11 Dec 2018 at 10:54
Re kids barging in - let them find you with your inflated purple prick inside a plastic tube, they will only do it once!!

Re vacumn technique I find slower starts are best making sure you are not sucking balls in and then once it's up you keep pressurising and releasing quite easily.

If you a getting morning "swellings" the 5mg ciallis should turn that into a full "glory". I can't abide the side effects from ciallis but fortunately I can get by with my little rubber Durex ring (thanks again Chris!). I do occasionally do a bit of Viagra as it still feels good to have that blood rush and lovely stretch and the side effects are gone in a few hours - unlike the Ciallis.

Posted 11 Dec 2018 at 13:23

I can’t imagine my son seeing me like that 😳 and wife would never forgive me ....

i am gonna keep trying with my lady friend SomaErect ( I will to find a nicer name)...

i had no side effects from the 100mg Sildenafil at all aside from waking up twice in the night with a stonker ......

so I am hoping for the same with the Cialis .....fingers crossed.

I’ve got it -  Sonya - I think it will do nicely .

Hello Sonya how do feel about some fun tonight 😆😆😆. 

I am looking forward to trying the Cialis ( sorry Sonya not tonight baby )

Bye for now , just gotta find a chemist that doesn’t know my wife ( she was a dispenser at a local chemist until recently)...


Posted 16 Jan 2019 at 12:31

Just a quick update. 

Tried the Ciallis 5mg by cutting them in half. They worked OK but not as good as the 100mg Viagra. So i went back to GP and asked for 5mg Ciallis and some Viagra for occassional use...

I asked about mixing these on another thread and i cant remember which ( the old HT brain fade again )

GP said she couldn't do that and prescribed 8 x 50mg Viagra. Not really what i wanted. I need to collect the prescription but i can see myself buying this stuff privately. I really tried to explain to her how important this is to me but i don't think she understood. I just find the more naturalness of the pills so much better that relying on the pump.

I am using my Sonya the SomaErect pump when i can but its maybe twice a week although the perseverance with method has helped its effectiveness, thanks for the guidance guys...

I also asked her if i could have a 3 month PSA instead of waiting the 6 months my Consultant requested, as i feel 6 months is a long time so early in the programme. But again she said no she wouldn't do that as its not needed.

So felt a little deflated ( pun intended ) but i will try the Viagra 50mg and likely pester her for another prescription or go private.



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