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Questions for radiologist?

Posted 17 Dec 2018 at 19:39

Hi all.

New to this forum but wondered if i could ask a bit of advice from those in the know?

I've been diagnosed for (I think) just over 2 years, with 18 months of active surveylance  PSA went up at the beginning of the year, had a biopsy (I think Gleeson 6) and I saw an oncolgist at Easter. He recommended another MRI which I waited 6 months later. This showed locally advanced with shadows on the seminal vasicals.

Having suffered all my life with depression and anxiety, the period of waiting and the results cause d me major problems.

I've had meetings with a phsychiatrist and have an appointment with a clinical phychologist (may have this mixed up) late January. However, mid January I have a meeting with my oncology guy and the radiologist.

I have asked some questions of the oncology guy and he can be a bit evassive on some, to which there isnt likely a definitive answer so cant hold that against him. However, I'm looking for advice on what to ask at the meeting when they're both there? I go through quite bad (and frequent) depressive episodes where I see no point in asking anything  as it'll happen anyway. I thought maybe if I pre-empted this with a made up list, I might get more from the meeting.

I'm thinking diet, recovery and what I can't seem to find, do the side effects go away (lucky so far as relatively few, but I've only been on Prostap for about 6 weeks.


Posted 18 Dec 2018 at 08:21
You must ask questions as nothing is defined with prostate cancer.

Suggest you download the toolkit from this site and learn what you can about hormone therapy and then make sure you ask your oncoligist: why you are on it, what the treatment plan is and what other options you have.

Re diet basically healthy eating, minimise processed meats and dairy, maximise leafy vegetables, cut right down on sugar.

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