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Artificial Sphincter and Incontinence

Posted 17 Dec 2018 at 20:49

Hi Folks ,

               I had the Radical Prostatectomy Op in Aug 2014 . I am now on number two Pads . If I minimise physical activity and eat very little I leak only slighlty , say about 25 to 50ml in the pad. If however I am very active , eat large meals , combine the two etc , I saturate the pad , two to three pads in a day . I am still doing pelvic floor exercises . My bladder has shrunk to holding 150ml again . I got it up to 350ml in the summer . However it is abdominal muscle activity combined with digestion that gives me the greatest problems . They surgeon has viewed my urethrer and bladder . Urethrer and join is fine whilst my baldder has scarring around the sphincter , bottom area due to Radiotherapy treatment of the Prostate bed. 

Can any guys who have had the Artificial Sphincter Operation reply to this post please ? 

I am trying to find out ? What is involved with the Operation ? I am hoping you had similar problems to me , so your feedback is even more relevant ? What was the difference after the Op ? How long to recover back to work etc ? What is your bladder function like with the new artificial sphincter ? What are practical things like , i.e. Work , Peeing ? Bladder Capacity ? Holding Urine ? Longer time holding full bladder ? Sex ? Drinking coffee again ? Alcohol ? 

I would really appreciate any replies .

many thanks 


Posted 18 Dec 2018 at 08:24
My X father in law had one, it transformed his life for the better..
Posted 18 Dec 2018 at 13:44


If you search for AUS you will find a comprehensive post by Tony PW I am sure he will be along to answer you questions. 

I am very interested in your situation, my RARP was in April 2014 with SRT completed around May 2017 my bladder capacity earlier this year was measured under GA at 120 ml, it is currently around 50ml. I was due to have urethera reconstruction and fitting of an AUS, but once the bladder capacity fell below 150ml the possibility of surgery was withdrawn.  Like you I have scarring of the bladder from RT and probably also caused by over a dozen surgical intrusions into the bladder and hundreds of intrusions during self catheterization. How did you manage to increase you bladder capacity did you have any treatment ?

Thanks Chris

Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 07:34

Here you go...





TURP then LRP in 2009/2010. Lots of leakage but PSA < 0.1 AMS-800 Artificial Sphincter activated 2015.

Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 11:35

Hi Franci J1 ,

     thank you for your reply 



Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 11:53

Hi Chris ,

             RARP ? SRT ? Why were you self cathertirising ? 

Hope this helps .... After the Op I had a terrible time with wound leaking , etc etc . Anyway all settled down . After I had the CATHETER out .... thank God .... Maurice my pain Nurse in Heartlands was an Angel .... he put me on 100mg Tramadol to cope with the Catheter ... made a hell of a difference ... Otherwise I would have been arrested !!!! I started off with No 7 pads ... I made sure I cut out all caffiene and anything that would irritate the bladder . I drank shed loads of Cranberry juice , Herb teas and water . I got busy with Pelvic Floor exercises and Bladder training .... increasing the sphincter hold time , bladder capacity etc . I also used Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine . I found all this got me down to number 2 pads as I have described in my first post. I am not seeming to progress anymore so I guess this means one thing .... The Bladder scarring has a great impact and also I suspect that my Urethrer Sphincter has been compromised. To be honest I am very chuffed with what I have achieved so far as I have my Mum's Bladder so to speak . Even when fully healthy ... I am guessing my max bladder capacity was possibly 500ml and come cold weather I would pee about every two hours , same if I got a cold virus . Drinking cold beer I would pee after 45mins and say felt like every 20mins after that ! So I have never had a great cast iron bladder like my Old Man !! 

The Homeopathic stuff I USE a website called ABC Homeopathy ... I have taught myself as I can't afford a Homeopath with the high costs of my Cancer Supplements etc . I am currently using Juglans Regia 10M and 6c . This is the remedy for Weak Bladder Sphincter . Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy are very helpful . 

The Ayurvedic products I use are for Male Health / Prostate issues they are 

.... they are at work ! So I'll post again ... I use a wonderful young lady called Vara Laxshimi at Ayur Pain and Wellness Centre , West Bromwich High St ... simple because she is brilliant and charges far less than people I found in Edgebaston ..... 

I found a product to help with erections too called Virectin but I am yet too try .... number one priority at the moment is Sleep , Insomnia , Fatigue , Health , Cancer and my job . Once I achieve these goals ... next is fitness and strength and then dating ! 

I hope this helps and I'll post about the Ayurvedic Medicine tomo ... 

best wishes 

Bill&Ben67 ..... any questions just ask ....

Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 11:56

  Thank you Tony 

I'll check out your link ? 

I am under **** at Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham . He has pretty good credentials ... I just wondered if you knew who were the best of the best for this Op in the UK ? 

thanks Bill&Ben67

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Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 13:11

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member

Hi Chris ,

             RARP ? SRT ? Why were you self catheterising ?

Bill&Ben67 ..... any questions just ask ....


Thanks for a very comprehensive reply.

RARP, robotic assisted radical prostatectomy. SRT, salvage radiotherapy. Guessing it was pretty  much the same as you had.

Technically I was doing self dilatation to keep the uretheral stricture open. A slightly traumatic catheter removal caused a stricture to form and despite numerous attempts it has never been fully resolved.

Thanks Chris


Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 15:01

Hi Chris ,

              I have also done a post - Cancer gone to my spine - Bill&Ben67 ... that will also give you further oversight about me . I had the old school Op .... With Robotic Surgery has your Erectile Function been affected ? 

I absolutely HATE catheters but I left mine well alone .... Tramadol from Dear Maurice solved most of my issues with the damn thing . However my joint leaked and that was why I got Sepsis in my Pelvic Cavity . Mr Belal has checked the Urethrer and Bladder and apart from Bladder scarring , everything is ok . I would like to just carry on with Pelvic Floor and natural methods but I doubt very much , with everything else going on , that I will manage to resolve my incontinence. 

Tomo I will let you know the Ayurvedic medicine. If you look at my other post you will see that I have had horrendous issues with Insomnia and Zoladex medication . So I have been doing very little with my incontinence since Mid 2016 , apart from Clinics etc . I stopped taking everything since then too. I really like Homeopathy , as it has helped me in a huge way with my Mental Health but less with physical things . However the Juglans remedy did do something just not enough but also Homeopathy sometimes seems to be much slower acting in certain areas than  others . A lot of people think or buy into that it's a LOAD OF Horsecrap ...! However a lady at my local support centre is managing her serious Cancer just with the centre's Homeopath alone ??? 

I have also not used my Vacuum Pump or had any sexual activity , including Masturbation since mid 2016 . There is just far more going on that requires my attention and because erections are differcult and painful for me .... I just have not bothered .... hope that does not go against me in case I ever do manage to date again ... I'm 51 and I have not given up at all .... just snowed under with all the other crap , daily life etc .... best wishes and I'll message you tomo 


Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 15:41

Hi Tony ,

           thank you for taking the time to post regards your AUS . Quite informative . Certainly will help me make a decision . Regards your Coughs and Colds .... check out the following ... should help ... 

Take Vitabiotics Vit D supplement ... I'd say take Autumn to Spring , one tab every day . Look up Stephen Gundry and buy his Plant Paradox . Fresh Ginger and Manuka Honey are awesome. I get my daughters to use Vit D and Fresh Ginger etc as having Asthma they suffer somewhat with coughs and colds but I think truthfully after my Research it's just they lack Sunlight exposure . Also look up Vit D , Gut Health and the Immune system on Chris Woollams site canceractive.com . Fresh Ginger ideas are on Mum's Net , where I got them from . I just slice a thin slice of the fresh root ginger and chew in my mouth with 1 teaspoon or half a teaspoon of Manuka Honey , 3 to 4 times a day . Also Mild Fresh Chillis with seeds removed , must eat raw to get maximum benefit . I regulalry eat cheese sandwiches , cheese and pickle , cheese and coleslaw , cheese and cream cheese with added raw chilli now .... I never get colds , viruses of that nature .... full stop . Had one in 2017 because I allowed myself to get run down due to stress etc . Very best wishes .



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