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Late testing by GP

Posted 18 Dec 2018 at 07:34

My husband visited our GP in summer 2017 with slow and frequent urinating. The GP examined his prosatate and found it to be enlarged. He did not send him for a PSA test. Later that year my husband began to suffer pains in his groin area, again visited the GP and was given pain killers. The pain continued and after a couple more visits to the GP, we got the GP to agree to investigate the pains further. Xray results showed cancer on bones and lymph  nodes.

We have since visited a solicitor to try to claim compensation for late diagnosis, all publicity concerning prostate cancer says that early diagnosis is vital. Our solicitor got a report from another GP who decided it wouldn’t have made any difference to the outcome. Surely  he should have consulted a prostate cancer specialist?

Anyone had any similar experience? Should I try another solicitor? I am very angry about all of this and need to blame someone!!

Posted 18 Dec 2018 at 08:52
So sorry to read this Susan. Can you maybe tell us a bit more about your husband’s diagnosis and what treatment(s) he is on?

For example age, PSA, scan results, biopsy results, staging. This will help me and others respond appropriately.

It also might be worth talking to the specialist nurses on this site. They are excellent.

Telephone number is 0800 074 8383.

My surgeon told me I probably had the cancer for many years before diagnosis which was very frustrating to hear. I have no experience of going to the legal route so perhaps others will comment on that.

It is no surprise that you are really angry given that the DRE showed an enlarged prostate and no further tests were conducted.


Posted 18 Dec 2018 at 09:13
Very sorry tale Susan and i wish you well in seeking redress. there is certainly a reluctance among some GP's to authorise a simple blood test. I really had to push hard at 63 to get a PSA test before I was diagnosed with Advanced PCa in August.

I remember going for a well person check when I retired at 60 and they tested my blood pressure, choresterol, took blood samples etc but no mention of PSA and i can't help thinking a PSA check then could have caught mine before it spread outside the prostate or at least given me an inkling to keep an eye on it.

I guess the medical profession will always close rank as without frequent checks there is no way of establishing when the cancer started or when it mestatatised outside the prostate.

Hope your husband is responding to his treatment.

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