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Random high PSA Reading

Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 13:49

Hi, i am 47 and first time onthis amazing resource.

I returned from a holiday around 10 days ago. I developed  urination issues whist i was away, such increased need to pee, painful urination, cough and gener feeling unwell. After returning i also developed major night sweats. I put all of this down to developing a nasty UTI whilst i was away.

i went to see my GP when i got back and he took bloods and put me on antibiotics. i got a phone call 3 days later from my GP saying that i was clear for a UTI but my PSA was 36. I had an appointment yesterday for a DRE with my GP and although he didnt seem overly concerned discovered a slightly elavated left side on the prostate. He has subsequently made a referrel for a Urologist, but as its Xmas I probably wont get an appointment until the end of Jan. I must note that although from the UK i currently live in Ireland, hence possibly different referrel process than the NHS. 

My question is in regards to the PSA rating. Has anyone got any experience of an infection possibly causing this high of a reading? If im honest, i didnt even know what a PSA reading was until my GP explained it. i should note that my GP informed me that a PSA reading from 2 years ago was below 1, and this is why i amassuming the rapid rise must be the result of an infection i picked up whilst on holiday.

Any advice/thoughts much appreciated




Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 15:07
Hi Craig, welcome to the community. If I were you I would get a couple of repeat PSA tests to see if there is a trend. Probably best waiting until the antibiotics are finished.


Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 15:20

Thanks for the reply. I am booked in for more bloods on 14 Jan with my GP. I was only precribed antibiotics for a week as tests indicated there was no UTI at the time bloods/urine were initially taken. I had at this point however taken some antibiotics i had lying around the house from a previous infection as i couldnt get a appointment for a few days with my GP after returning from holiday. I am thinking this is possibly why a UTI did not show up on the tests. My research on the internet does certainly indicate that an infection can result in elavated PSA levels but i cant find any information to indicate how much it might raise levels by. I guess it is just a waiting game now and try to put it out of my mind over Xmas and try to enjoy it for the benifit of the kids. i have not told anyone about this yet also as woukd rather wait than worry people for no reason.


Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 16:29
Hey, I have read articles where infections have caused a PSA of 100, mine went to 12 due to a benign condition. See what the antibiotics do even then many infections of the prostate aren't bacterial so they won't help...
Posted 20 Dec 2018 at 17:12

Thanks Law, hopefully quite rightly i am expecting that the infection will be responsible for the elavated PSA level and slightly enlarged prostate. The symptoms i experienced were quite bad, but in line with a UTI diagnosis. The symptom that my GP seemed concerned about was night sweats but these have now gone since completing the antibiotic course. Again, i am hoping that this is proof i did actually have a UTI that resulted in the elevated PSA levels.


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