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Chemo questions

Posted 04 Jan 2019 at 14:13


i begin six cycles of Taxotere in France this Monday. needless to say im bricking it but would appreciate advice from those who have been throuh the same.

i have been given Prednisone which i believe i should take one day before, the day of and the day aftr chemo with a small daiły dose throughout the whole course of treatment. is that right.

ive also been given anti diarhea tablets. should i take these as a matter of course or only if i get diarhea?

ive also been given ant sickness tablets. again, should i take these anyway or wait until and if i feel sick"

ive been given two bottles of mouthwash. should i use this in any case or wait until and unless i get mouth sores.

finally, is this really goimg to be as horrendous as im feeling it will be. i have lyphedema pain, bladder pain, kidney pain and general pain. i just dont think i can take any more pain even with 10mg morphine three times a day.


please help



Posted 04 Jan 2019 at 17:42
Hi Bazza

\tony started chemo Dosetaxol in oct, had his 4th one 28th dec. I think the first one he didn't take ant prednisone before and the whole infusion took longer that time, they put anti sickness an steroids in the infusion first then flushed that through and then did the chemo, took about 4 hrs that time after that he had self injection in his stomach for 5 days and 2 prednisone tabs for 21 days. he then has take 4 tablets the evening before 4 the morning of and 4 the evening after the chemo then back to the 2 prednisone a day for 21 days . he hasn't had to take any anti sickness pills at all ( you only take them if you feel sick) he has had the runs about twice and only took those tablets if needed. apart from extreme tiredness and fatigue he has not had any really bad side effects at all. hope this helps and good luck

regards barbara


Posted 04 Jan 2019 at 23:49

Hi Bazza

totally understand your trepidation.

below is my basic understanding in laymans terms and the advice i was given when on docetaxl

prednisolone is a steroid that restores some the good stuff that chemo kills when chemo is doing its job and killing the bad stuff. only downside is that it can keep you awake as its like having 10cups of coffee when you are on the big dose the day before/during chemo day.

anti sickness pills generally have no side effects. dont wait until you feel sick. take them before ie every day from chemo day to day 4. i was told to take them for 4 days, i did that and on day 5 i felt sick. doc said take for 6 days then as no down side and why feel sick if you dont need to. its like not taking paracetamol when you have an occasional headache, why wouldnt you. for the remaining cycles i took for 6 days and never felt sick again.

anti diorreah tablets i was told to take only if i had problems. i did on two seperate occasions very briefly. uusally what they give you is just like strong immodium .

i know everyone is different with chemo but i tollerated it well, used the drugs when i needed to and stilł ran 2 marathons on weeks 13 and 15 of it so please believe that you will be one of the majority who have minimal side effects. 

I did have a low platelet  count and ended  up self injecting a drug to make my marrow produce more. terrible pain and high temp after 2 so was in a&e on antibiotics for a day in case i had an infection. i didnt, juat a bad reaction to the injections so i stopped and had less chemo next time. clearly it worked on a reduced dose as 4 years on i am still running and have a low psa of 0.06.

hope that helps mate

rooting for you


Dream like you have forever, live like you only have today Avatar is me doing the 600 mile Camino de Santiago May 2019

Posted 05 Jan 2019 at 00:52

Hi Bazza, 

I've had no experience of chemo yet but just wanted to wish you all the best with the treatment.

I hope it works well for you. 



Posted 05 Jan 2019 at 07:32
Barry, France prescribe lots of medication on a just in case basis, then they’re there as you might need them.

I can’t remember how I took mine, it’s too long ago, but I agree with Kevin, irun, as to the best course seeing your other problems.


Posted 05 Jan 2019 at 08:51

John has recently finished his chemo. he tooks the steroids exactly as prescribed and he didnt have the side effects of being kept awake, but it did give him much needed energy. anti sickness he took as needed but i like the idea of taking them the first six days, no harm in that. he had the occasional runs but didnt take the meds for that as he has constipation and it was a welcome relief! But he would have if needed, the doctors told him they dont like you to get the runs as you lose too many important salts. He did the frozen pineapple thing everytime and never had any mouth issues and he used the mouthwash every day, three times a day. He did well on chemo apart from the flu, which he had had the jab for, just unlucky. The infusions are ok, nothing to worry about. It is really not as bad as you think it will be Bazza. Chin up mate, it will probably be a lot better than you imagine. Without it I doubt he would still be here so.....

love Devonmaid. 

Posted 05 Jan 2019 at 11:43
Hi Bazza

Got my 6th out of 6 coming up on the 14th Jan. The prednisolone steroids which I take every day are fine and help the immune system. My Onco prescribed dexamethasone steroids 24 tablets over 3 days ie the day before chemo, the day of chemo and the day after chemo. these have me wide awake at 4-4.30 so i just get up and do something and catch up with my sleep in the afternoon.

Never bothered with the anti sickness tablets, not felt sick and used a great mouthwash called benzydamine.

Feel pretty wiped out days 3-7 after the chemo but by day 10 back to normal again, whatever normal is with this sh***y disease.

One other tip if you've got hairy hands shave them before they put the cannula in, saves a bit of grief later when you take the adhesive off.

Good luck with it.


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