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Need clarification with prognosis

Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 11:29

Hi all!

will try to keep this brief-my husband was diagnosed only because of impotencec and he had a couple if accidents at night over a period of a year.finally saw gp- who was great despite no other obvious symptoms-apart from my fil and his brother both dying young from pc.upshot is he had rp-as found pc 3+4 gleason on biopsy. had mri and ct and all clear.6 weeks after rp his psa was 0.64 then 6 weeks later it was 1.59 i think.next stop hormone therapy and radiotherapy at 66 gy for 33 sessions to prostate bed-result after that was psa 0.1- anx stay on hormone decapeptyl for a year.We found out just before radiotherapy started that in fact because my husband had fractured his pelvis years ago- that surgery to remove lymoh nides was impossible.My husband has never asked for a prognosis.he just acts like its all gone!I have had breast c 3 years ago-i had to know everthing! I have read and reread so many articles my head spins.i have no idea whats going on- i think it has already metastasised. It is hard to keep up a pretense to be honest! Just needed to know if anyone else in same boat?sorry for the essay!

Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 12:35
You could click my picture and read my profile. My thread /story is up at the moment. Chris J’s journey !! My results very similar to your hubbies. Post op very poor at 1.5 and doubling rapidly. They offered RT but told me it wouldn’t cure. Five of 18 lymph nodes removed were cancerous so they suspected Mets elsewhere. I’ve refused RT five times now and I’m 3 1/2 yrs post op. They still haven’t found Mets despite every scan going and I’m on zero treatment. Also fully recovered from surgery and functioning. But I guess I’m a dead man walking tbh. Just a matter of time. Not suggesting you do the same but I wanted my QOL back foremost and have enjoyed the freedom. I hope your RT goes well , but once they told me I wasn’t on a curative path I wasn’t interested in more pelvic trauma.

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade

Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 13:36

Sorry you are so worried and he is apparently not! What is his current PSA reading, and have there been any increases over successive tests?

What makes you think there are metastases? Are you a natural pessimist?

You could get a prognosis from a reading by Gypsy Rose Lee on the Golden Mile in Blackpool, or by consulting the Nomograms of the Sloane Kettering Memorial Hospital, if you have full details of his post-operative biopsy. They are just forecasts, like betting tips in the daily papers, which may or may not correspond to how his situation pans out.

I have had four PSA tests since my prostatectomy seven months ago, all undetectable, despite two lymph nodes out of fourteen being found to be cancerous. Am I anxiously awaiting my next PSA at the end of the month? No.

I have checked my Nomogram prognostication for biochemical recurrence, and it gives a percentage chance of recurrence over different timescales. The 15 year forecast doesn’t look too great, statistically, by which time I could be dead of something else.

So if his PSA is stable and under 0.2, I suggest you keep calm and carry on.

Best of luck.

Cheers, John.

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