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Anxiety and Prostate

Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 12:02

hello, i notice quite a few people on here seem to be anxious about their symptoms. i suffer from Health Anxiety, Hypocondria if you will. so firstly id like to reassure some people that anxiety can cause lots of wierd symptoms and that worrying about health is normal for lots of people. i woukd suggest meditation to calm any fears and get things in perspective. 

saying that, i finally went to the dr yesterday and if possible id like some advice on my symptoms?

it first started in summer when someone was talking about having PC tests when they were 45. this freaked me out a little as im now 41. 

i then started noticing things. like a teeny bit of dribble at times after peeing. seemed to leave a spot on thin boxers (not all the time tho and im pretty sure ive always had this).

i then convinced myself that i was peeing too much. now i do sometimes Pee alot in the morning. if my bladder is full and i hold it, then i can go, but then need to go maybe 2 more times within the next hour. Mostly however i dont pee that much, especially in the evening when i usua lly drink lots of hot water (usually abt 4 cups)

so first question is...does this sound abnormal? is it just ’breaking the seal’? i also sometimes (but v infrequently) feel a strong urge to clench when i have been hold ing it in. i think this is just anxiety though as when im calm its ok. 


anyway yesterday i went to docs. i told him it was likely anxiety but obviously he had to rule things out. he said he felt there would be a v low risk but did a DRE(which was normal) and suggested a PSA. 

im just wondering whether a PSA is necessary as im sure it would freak me out. plus im pretty sure in myself that the symptoms are more anxiety related than anything else. i just wanted to know though if people agree? ie, a) peeing freaquently after having a full bladder, and b) that teeny bit of after dribble. 

i think i will see how it goes and try to calm down. but i know these niggles will still be bugging me. 


Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 13:50
Hey Dude, don’t make it bad.

You have definitely done the right thing by going to your doctor, and your PSA test is the first step to see if anything is untoward. Have you had it yet? If not, go for it to put your mind at rest, it’s just a blood sample. I get my results the next day.

There are tablets that may help the symptoms you describe, but without a PSA as your doctor suggested, he is working in the dark, as he was with his finger up your bum! 😂😂😂

Good news on the results of that examination anyway.

Best of luck.

Cheers, John.

Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 14:47
Ha take a sad song and all that..cheers John.

I told him I’d see how things go for the next few weeks. Thing is i’ve convinced myself i’ve had so much stuff over the years I’m almost certain it’s anxiety related, and last thing I want is a false positive PSA and end up having a biopsy or something! So I was just thinking that actually my symptoms are normal. I mean busting to go then having to go 30min later...but Still nev r going more than 8 times a day despite drinking lots of water.

My wife actually goes far more than me...

Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 15:19

Personally, I think there is a lot of ‘Fake News’ about PSA testing, and I am not sure many GPs understand it fully.

If you have a test, and the reading is ‘normal’, probably under 3 at your age, all well and good. Keep calm and carry on and have further contact with your friendly local urologist to check out your urgency, flow and dribble trouble.

If in say, a year, your PSA has increased, then that is cause for concern, and further investigations would be required.

I had a ‘normal’ PSA of 2.2 when I was 55, yet the next test was 7 years later when the reading was 16.7 and Tommy the Tumour (R.I.P.) had spread to my lymph nodes.

So just go and have the blood test, don’t be a big baby, and at the very least establish a PSA baseline so any potential future increases (if any) won’t go unnoticed as they did in my case.

Cheers, John.

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Posted 10 Jan 2019 at 15:52
Cheers John, thanks for putting it in perspective. All the best to you. Cheers
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