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New to Chemotherapy

Posted 06 Feb 2019 at 11:40

I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer since 2013 and have had various hormone treatments which have kept it more or less under control.  

Scans have now revealed that it has spread to my spine and ribs as well as other lymph nodes beyond the original site in my pelvis.

I have been offered 10 x 3 weekly courses of chemotherapy (docetaxel) which my consultant feels is a better option than the other choice of Enzalutamide.

Keen to hear from anyone else in a similar situation as to the side effects and what the outlook is for extended life



Posted 06 Feb 2019 at 14:24
Lots of guys on here have been through what your consultant is suggesting, some have had great responses.

Have you been on abiraterone?

Posted 06 Feb 2019 at 16:38

 Hi Steve

my hubby is five years and going strong too!

he tried enzalutamude last year and it didnt reduce his psa atall. it is currently 4800.

after enzo he went on to radium 223 as his bone mets were getting worse, he has them in spine, pelvis,  thigh,  ribs, skull, well oretty much all over and lymph spread too.

anyway in the summer he started 10 cycles of docetaxel as radium 223 sent his psa from about 90 to 6000.

so he managed 8 cycles but tven ge develiped neuropathy which is tingling in hands and feet.

anyway he found the chemo no where near as bad as he thought, the very word fills you with horror doesnt it?

our daughter gave him a very short hair cut when his quite long hair began to fall out, i beleive this helped because he didnt lose any more. He had some nausia but this was controlled with metoclopramide tablets. the procedure itself was very civilised, our local hospital has a very pleasent  chemo unit with lovely staff.

he says the worst part is the total exhaustion, he described it as walking through treacle.

he feels much better for having it, his pain has eased and hes not sick like he was on radium but 1  month post chemo his psa is rising out of control again.

we have been given permission to go away on holiday in the sun fir two weeks then when we get back it looks line the final tool in the armour of cebazetaxel.

we have decided to not fet too obsessed with osa figures, after five years on this journey its about how you feel from d ay to day.

i will add though that our onco only ever gave hubby 80% doseage on the chemo and i think that help ed him cope so well.

best wishes and good luck

linda g

Posted 07 Feb 2019 at 19:51
thanks Linda for your posting it was very useful. regards Steve
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