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Severe Bruising after Zoladex implant

Posted 08 Mar 2019 at 07:48

Hello there.

I am my Husbands carer as he has dementia in Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had 20 radio therapy treatments. He is now having 3 monthly implants of Zoladex which previously had been administered by the practice nurse and were painless and straightforward until his last one which was administered by a GP who forgot to remove the plunger safety sleave and struggled to inject the implant, causing stinging but eventually succeeding. The site bled profusely and has left a huge bruise on his abdomin. Should I be concerned?

Posted 08 Mar 2019 at 09:51

So long as the bruise is no longer spreading* and the pain is subsiding, it's probably OK to just keep an eye on it. Even given perfectly, bruising can happen, as local tiny blood vessels can get squished: there's no reason to be concerned about the hormone pellet, which will still dissolve in its own time.

*over a few days, the discolouration around the bruise - mauves, blue, possibly green and yellow! - will spread, the colours should be fairly dull, not bright, that's normal, but if it looks like there's still active bleeding going on in there, it's not normal.

1. So long as the bruising progressively looks less 'fresh' each day, should be OK.

2. So long as the discomfort is reducing over time, should be OK.

3. But if you are at all worried, get your GP or the practice nurse to take a look.

Posted 08 Mar 2019 at 10:05
Andrew, I appreciate your quick response and will keep my eye on it.

Thank you.


Posted 08 Mar 2019 at 14:38

Its seeing responses like this that made me happy my GP agreed to give me Decapeptyl, as its an intramuscular suspension, goes in painlessly with a small needle.

I have to admit I did use Dr Google to look at the various hormone therapies and As I have an aversion to needles anyway once I saw the size of the needle to put the Zoladex implant under your skin I went white😳  I asked my GP about Decapeptyl he did tell me it was the cheapest one at £207 cost to the practice. The 3 monthly injections seem to come around quickly, I've just had my 4th and as i stop HT at 18 months im happy to have just two more to go😊

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