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Radio talk and fund raising for PCUK

Posted 17 Mar 2019 at 13:19

My husband has been invited to 'The James Hazel' Show on BBC Radio Suffolk, Monday 18th March 19 at 12:10 to talk about raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK. 

He is going to be doing the Prostate Cancer UK cycle event (The Grand Depart) which is the first stage of the 2019 Tour de France. He presently has 'go fund me' (stephenspencer2019). He has managed to get two more friends to ride with him and our son hopes to do it too but at this moment in time doesn't know if he will be in Hong Kong on those dates. They, between them are expecting to raise over £3,000

Although Steve hasn't used these forums, he has extensively used the site and passed on the site details to other PC cancer sufferers he's met along his journey. The information on here has been not only educational but crucial for making the right decisions. Raising money to help PCUK continue the good work are doing as well as raising more public awareness is something he wants to do. 

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