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Follow up after treatment

Posted 05 Apr 2019 at 14:43

had my first review after 20 fractions which finished 7 feb.  Had hormone injection ((third one ) 3 wks ago . Saw consultant who told me my psa down to 0.03 and said no need for anymore hormone injection , which I am very pleased about ,the side effects weight wise was unbelievable so soon  I will try and lose some ???? Also just got to have psa checks very 6 months and hopefully just a steady increase and as long as it stays 2or below happy days ? To get this far as taken a year , I suppose on will be on psa checks for several yrs 5 ? What reading do they class psa as undetectable ??? Maybe a silly question ? 

Posted 05 Apr 2019 at 17:09

I think you need to continue with PSA tests for life - it can come back anytime sadly, but frequency will reduce eventually to once a year or even less after some time.

You are still on hormone therapy which drags the reading way down. It's the readings when you come off that which are more interesting. I believe providing it doesn't increase by more than 2 over the lowest reading (which is usually some months after RT), it's regarded as having worked.

Often people stay on HT for 18-36 months after RT. However, I was reading some research papers on Whole Pelvis RT (as that's what I'm being recommended), and they are suggesting the best results come from getting PSA down to 0.1 before treatment, and then nothing is gained by remaining on HT after treatment. I will be asking my consultant about this, because I want to be off HT ASAP, constrained by not significantly compromising my life, obviously.

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