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End of treatment and moving on

Posted 11 Jun 2019 at 23:37

Well, after diagnosis Gleason 4:5 T2c in March 2018, I have been on HT Triptorelin since April 2018, had 20 fractions IMRT August 2018.

I was originally planned to be on Triptorelin for 3 years. After my post RT PSA was 0.5, I discussed this with my Onco that I had read clinical studies on the difference between 18 months Vs 36 months of HT and the fact that the risk of stopping HT at 18 months was a very low risk, but the quality of life benefits were massive.

So, I get my last Triptorelin jab mid July, that will expire mid October. I have a review mid July just before the jab, so I can ask what my clinical follow up procedure will be.

Although i am looking forward to end of hot flushes and maybe return of libido (i'm only 67), I am of course naturally nervous about what the return of testosterone will have on any surviving cancer cells.

My PSA in March 2019 was 0.2, so in July at review i'm hoping for 0.1 or undetectable.

I am going to ask for PA tests in January and April 2020 to keep a close eye on my situation. But my Onco did say if my PSA rose to above 4.0 by April 2020 she would recomend I go back on HT for the rest of my natural.

So, i am really looking forward to Christmas this year, after it being a non event in 2018 as I was pretty fresh out of RT.

Any advice from members in a similar situation to me, gratefully received

Alan Bennett

Posted 12 Jun 2019 at 08:45
Not in the same situation as you but everything I have read says you are doing the right thing!

Posted 12 Jun 2019 at 09:22

I think you’ve based your decision soundly on the evidence available so enjoy your time off HT, lets hope it’s a permanent off! 

I see my oncologist in July after having my last PROSTAP 3 injection in January.

I’m seeing some recovery of energy but still suffering hot flushes and a higher level of fatigue than pre treatment. Body hair isn’t showing any sign of return yet either.

All the best,





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