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Life with Mr C

Posted 21 Jun 2019 at 23:25

'Love' is a reference to the temporary?? chemical castration

37 times the number of radiotherapy doses

And pricked twice a year the six monthly hormone injections

Diagnosed aged 51 stage 3

Life with Mr C (living with prostate cancer)


My love is very peaceful now and taking a long rest

It's not a choice that I made but I know it's for the best

I could not fight alone the very thing my body made

So thirty seven times I had to lay just to be saved

And now I have a long wait while I get pricked twice a year

I'm still alive though feel the pain and live with a great fear

I dream one day my body will pick up the fight alone

My love return and I will have sweet feelings of my own





Posted 22 Jun 2019 at 23:04

Hi Johnnie,

Well written, keep it up it's good to have something different.


You lay 37 times just to be saved and dream one day your body will pick up the fight alone.   

Good lines.


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