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On the mend

Posted 23 Jun 2019 at 19:35

Hello All

After a targeted biopsy which indicated I had a Gleeson 4 and 3 total 7 cancer in my prostrate, after discussion with my consultant and long talks with my wife I opted to have my prostrate removed by robotic surgery on the 2nd March 2019.

The surgery apparently went well and I was discharged the next day.For the next 2 weeks I was in constant pain around my kidneys which lasted for 2 weeks. After returning to the hospital to have the catheter removed I was given a scan on my abdomen which showed I had 13 centimetre of fluid in my abdomen which was causing all the pain in my kidneys. My own doctor prescribed antibiotics which did nothing to ease the pain, I was told to take paracetomol and ibruprofen for the pain.

They then decided to put a drain in my abdomen which produced almost 800 ml of dark fluid which was the result of an infection streptococcus milleri, e-coli and an  abscess to round it all off. I was left with the drain in for 2 weeks and removed from the bag 100 ml of serous fluid not urine everyday which was a nasty brown colour. Apparently the stitching from my bladder had come undone which was proven when I had a camera inserted in to my bladder via my penis After 2 weeks the drain was removed and a catheter was inserted for a further 5 weeks or so. During all the scans I had it was discovered I had a kidney stone in my ureter which was removed on the 13th June and for a week after I was in considerable pain and blood in my urine. I am now feeling a lot better but very exhausted most of the time.

The good news is ,The last blood test revealed <0.01 psa which all being well will be less in 3 months time when I have another psa test.

I've been through the mill and come out the other side hopefully cancer and kidney stone free. 

My consultant said my nerves were saved and in time I should be able to get an erection which so far even with Viagra has evaded me so any help form you guys on here would be much appreciated.

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