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Father disgnosed with prostrate cancer again...

Posted 05 Jul 2019 at 20:35

I'm a newbie to all this so bear with me.

Back in August 2013, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer - After intensive radiotherapy and hormone treatment, he was given the all clear (phew). 

He has had yearly blood tests to check his prostrate levels and on 6th June, he had a call from his GP to say that his levels have increased, we saw the consultant on 11th June who confirm his cancer had returned but sent him for a full bone scan (which he had today 05/07/19). 

We now have the long wait to see the consultant again to see the extent of things however my eldest daughter suffers with anxiety and PTSD and I just don't know what to do, she's fragile enough with day-to-day life yet alone this as well. 

Does anybody have any advice on how I can approach this with not only her but my youngest also (6 years).

Both my children are so close to my father but it's the reaction of my eldest which scares me (she regularly low level self harms as it is). 

Thank you to anybody who takes the time to help  ♡ 


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