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E D options

Posted 13 Jul 2019 at 11:45

I'm 2nd March 2019 post op and need any help thats going to get my hard ons back🤪🤪

Posted 13 Jul 2019 at 12:51

So, you had nerve sparing.

It might take up to 2 years to recover - you are 4+ months post op.

Have you seen any slight signs yet, such as lengthening, or even any feelings that something might be stirring when suitably aroused? Not to worry if you haven't yet, but those are the first signs of recovery.

You need to check with your consultant because of your multiple post op issues including urethrea and bladder stitches failing, but normally you can start penile rehabilitation by now. Having no erections for an extended period will cause the growth of fibrous tissue inside the penis which will impact erections when they do recover (reduction in size, hardness, and possibly curvature). Penile rehabilitation is generating erections artificially to preserve the function of the erectile tissue in the penis until natural erections return. There are several ways to do this, vacuum pump being a common one.

You should also ask for a daily low dose PDE5 inhibitor, which will improve blood flow inside the penis, and also serves to help maintain health of the erectile tissue in the absence of erections, and may help produce natural erections earlier.

For penile rehabilitation, ask your hospital for an appointment with an ED clinic. In some areas, there is no ED clinic and GP's carry out the function. However, these appointments can have a long waiting list and, providing your consultant gives you the OK to start, you shouldn't delay and might buy yourself a vacuum erection device. You can also look up Penile Rehabilitation on the web.

There's a longer posting on this:

Posted 11 Aug 2019 at 10:00

ED Sex machine © 2019

I had prostate cancer four years ago. Shortly after the operation I had a meeting with the Doctor

who performed the operation on me and he advised me what I should expect.

Firstly I would have E.D. and the experience of orgasm would be completely changed. To help recovery from these disabilities he advised that I should play with myself frequently.

I had spoken to many friends who have had the same operation, and they all said sex was impossible after such an operation and many were consequently constantly depressed as a result.

It is a well known fact that about 80% of older men have, or have had prostate cancer when they die, so it is not an uncommon complaint and the sufferers are on the rise.

As all the injections, suction devices and drugs to give an erection, on the market are dangerous or have side effects I decided to invent my own device.

To overcome this disability I invented a clip which fits around the base of the penis. The device works well and gives enough of an erection to masturbate .

This was all very well but after the operation the process of masturbation took about an hour. In the early days after the operation there was hardly any sensation, in fact it could be regarded as a total non event, part of the operation was to (change the internal body plumbing) so in fact there is no ejaculation (a dry ejaculation.)

As masturbation took so long and makes your arm ache. I decided to add a machine to the clip. This is not a simple device and has many safety features as I didn't want to rip my private parts off, as could easily happen. It took many building and rebuilding of machines to get the perfect design.

With regular use, the doctor was indeed right and the erection has improved and feelings have improved and become very erotic, its amazing how the body can heal and in this case the feelings have been substituted. There is no longer feeling in the prostate however your body feels shudders all over, there is an overwhelming intense feeling in the brain and the climax goes on much longer than pre operation. Certainly a reasonable substitute for the pervious pre op climax.

This change of feeling has taken place over years, it was not an immediate effect, and took perseverance.

I have now developed the machine further so it can be used with a partner.

Personally I am very pleased with results so far and would like to have the machined manufactured so others can enjoy such pleasures.

I am looking for a manufacturer and marketer who would be interested in producing and marketing it.

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