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PSA risen? Confused

Posted 19 Jul 2019 at 12:36

Having difficulty editing my profile, but RP in Feb 2018, PSA < 0.03 on every 3 month measure.

Put on 6 month cycle in January, an d today results show 0.03, without the  < symbol.

Is 0.03 the limit of the tests sensitivity, or has PSA risen to that first measurable amount?

Confused, and obviously worried that cancer has returned.

welcome any input, and thanks in advance

Posted 19 Jul 2019 at 15:48
If you have the lab report in your hands it means 0.03,. If you have had the result over the phone it could be either.

0.03 is the limit of the test if it previously showed <0.03

If it is 0.03 You need to know your full pathology to understand if you have a problem or not. Either way it's still very low and not worth worrying about unless it's the start of a rising trend.

Posted 20 Jul 2019 at 01:18

Hi Antony

I just get a letter now that says :

Your recent PSA is satisfactory at 0.02 ng/ml.       (ie no < sign as they give a specific value)

If you see Jonathan profile (franci) - you can you the advantages and disadvantages of 3 dec places ! ie 0.301

I assume you know some members on here have 1 dec place.       as Jonathan states, like me and thousands of others, it's keeping an eye on any trend upwards.     My latest was 0.02 after another 0.02, and had been 0.01 so fingers crossed it's that or less next time in Nov 2019.    

May I ask,   Do you phone up your GP for your results or does practice phone you  (or just a letter)?

Mine is handled by PSA Tracker system/software at Hosp. They set a threshold, agreed some years back (mine is 0.06) and if around or exceeds they would phone me within a few days.  Very useful for those on AS as provides doubling time.  

My  bloods take about 3 minutes at GP surgery from me walking in and walking out, great service.  

To answer your specific query : -  No worries for you, so await your next PSA at 6 months, yours may 'flat line' at 0.03 (or go down even).   Just need a note obviously if you don't get reminders of bloods.    










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Posted 20 Jul 2019 at 14:23

Hi Anthony,

I had a similar experience. Always <0.03 at the hospital. When I was passed back to my GP and was tested locally, it came back 0.05. Of course I expected the worst until on ringing the surgery (1) the receptionist who had left the message forgot to quote the "<" sign (2) locally they only test to 0.05.

Hope its the same for you.


Posted 21 Jul 2019 at 20:02

I had just one blood test at my GP post op and the result had no < sign.  The person at the GP had no idea what I was talking about when I queried it. Since then I've only been to the hospital and always had a < fortunately.

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