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Post RALP follow up protocal

Posted 25 Jul 2019 at 11:28



I had a RALP back in 2011 and subsequent PSA tests have thankfully been undetectable ie < 0.03.

Recently i have been having PSA tests annually but on changing GP practice i keep getting phone calls from the receptionist saying PSA should be every 6 months.

Has there been a change in follow up protocol of which i am not aware ? Needless to say i can never get to speak to GP who is making this request.


With thanks

Posted 25 Jul 2019 at 14:18
I don’t know about protocol, but you are doing great eight years later.

Is it a problem for you to give blood for PSA tests? I just nip to my local chemist and the result comes up on my iPad EMIS Patient Access app around 8.30 next morning.

Six months, twelve months? If you haven’t got cancer stick with the annual testing, or not. Your choice.

Best wishes.

Cheers, John.

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