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Acute Or Chronic Prostitits?

Posted 30 Jul 2019 at 14:49


I'am 28 male and i have gall bladder surgery last 2018 september.

Does gall bladder removal cause prostitits?



2 months back i have diagnosed with acute prostititis I have fever at that time and urine test have done they said infection in urine. I have acute prostitits at that time.

During that time i have frequent urination like half an hour or one hour.

After 10 days discharge i have eaten ice creams and non veg and other frozen and junk food and now after 2 months iam experiencing another issues.


I also daily masturbate in 2 months but stopped masturbation from 1week now.


Frequent and burning sensation while urine ( only some times)

Once getting up during night.

Feeling Sitting on small ball while i sit.

No fever.


I'am not using antibiotics but i am preferring to use herbal medicines in upcoming days.

Does i have acute or chronic prostitits?

People in internet said exercise like running and taking vegetables and fruits will cure this condition.


Does gall bladder removal also cause prostitits?


Need your precious suggestions.

I stopped masturbation from 1 week before 1 week i have masturbated daily does frequent masturbation cause prostitits enlarge......?


Does it curable.........? iam only eating vegetable and fruits from 1 week and stopped eating non veg items and junk food also and iam not alcholic.


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Posted 30 Jul 2019 at 17:25

You need to go to your GP for a diagnosis.

If you have a prostate infection, you will need antibiotics to clear it - nothing herbal will work. It's difficult enough to develop antibiotics which can get from the blood into the prostate cells.

If you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), again you should get antibiotics, ideally based on culturing a urine sample so the antibiotic chosen matches the bacterial infection. One of the bacteria which causes UTI can sometimes be cleared by drinking cranberry juice, but there are drugs which mustn't taken with cranberry juice, so check with any drugs you are on.

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