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NHS failure

Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 14:39

Hi, I am new on here. My husband is just being investigated for possible prostate cancer after 5 weeks of problems, including a hospital stay in June. We have just paid for a private consultation as the NHS were not performing how we thought they should, and seemed to be barking up the wrong tree- thinking it was a bladder infection. After 5 mins with the private consultant he said “I know what’s wrong”. We have another consultation booked for Tuesday and a MRI on Wednesday. We then hope to be transferred back to the NHS for further investigations and an operation. 

Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 20:15

Hi Tooty,

It seems odd they didn't do a psa test and DRE while he was in hospital as they're both such quick and simple tests and give an indication but not proof.

If you supply more information it will be easier to comment but there is nothing in your profile or note to suggest what his problem is.   The consultant saying he knows what it is but not telling you is a strange response as well.

Good luck with the diagnosis, it has to be noted that many symptoms that could be Prostate Cancer are benign, enlarged or an aggravated prostate.

Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 21:10

Hi Peter, my husband did have a PSA test in hospital 5 weeks ago it was 36. He had a really bad infection with a temperature of 40 and pulse rate of 120. The urology specialist did do a check on his prostate and found it enlarged. Nothing was done about this just an app for 15/8. I got an earlier app 29/8 but still nothing done. So we went private and the consultant diagnosed possible prostate cancer after examining prostate which was found to be enlarged and abnormal (hard) in left lobe with nodules. PSA now 13. He will need an operation either shaving of prostate if not cancer or removal of prostate if cancer. MRI this Wednesday.

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Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 21:29


how old is husband.

No other health issues ?

Any other symptoms ?

how long in hosp in June and why ?

others options than surgery once you know full facts.

as Peter suggests.  need more info.    was 29/8 ? a typo  do you mean  29/7



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Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 21:34
Yes sorry typo should of read 29/7.

Husband 57.

In hospital as gone into retention, has had a catheter 4 weeks out of 5 as just keeps going back into retention. Am happy with the diagnosis the consultant has given. It is now being investigated thank God.

Am sure I will have some questions and queries over the next few weeks/months.

Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 22:17


Thanks for update and all the best.  Someone else may comment on what NHS procedure would be for a 57 yo presenting with retention.

I would have expected a mpMRI.   ie BPH. I assume UTI as a result of not voiding.  No reason to indicate PCa until everything investigated fully. 

regards Gordon 

Posted 04 Aug 2019 at 23:18

You can't rule out Prostate Cancer without the full range of tests and even then not be certain.  It's a bit of treadmill once you get on it and getting off is difficult.   His psa reducing from 36 to 13 in a few weeks is promising.   Also that he had a temperature and other symptoms gives the impression there was an infection.

The private consultant offered the test that you wanted so that's good as well.  I can understand you wanting that test as I investigated a private MRI test when pains suddenly came on in my hip and that was just after I'd had an MRI.  I found an article in the Daily Mail website about 3 urologists who got prostate cancer and one said his first symptom was a pain in his hip and he knew what it was.  Better not to read such articles.   The hospital kept telling me the pains were a sports injury, and actually they were right, but I was very worried for a few months as it took 6 months to get well enough.   I thought the hospital staff were humouring me but they did it quite well.  The GP said it was arthritis and gave me a psa test, as it was then well post op and should be near zero which it was.  Fears can get magnified. 

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