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Puffy baggy eyes

Posted 12 Sep 2019 at 09:52

Hi All,

I'm on prostap, chemo ( docetaxel 5th cycle next week) and prednicolone steroids for chemo side effects. everything regards chemo going fine ...however I have started getting really puffy baggy eyes only recently. I have been struggling with sleep because of steroids and understand you can get water retention from them but has anyone else had this and does it go away after I stop taking them?

Posted 12 Sep 2019 at 10:48

I don't know about that specific side effect, but short term steroid side effects tend to fade quite quickly, but those developed over a longer time can be permanent (often less severe).

But that's a pretty broad generalisation: if in doubt, I'd talk to your GP.


-- Andrew --

"I intend to live forever, or die trying" - Groucho Marx

Posted 12 Sep 2019 at 11:54

Luckily my last cycle is next 10th of next month so hopefully I can stop taking steroids 3 weeks after that if not sooner. I will only of been on them 4.5 months so not really long term. We just don't seem to get much on here regards chemo advice! 



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